Kar , Shri Sarat Kumar

Kar , Shri Sarat Kumar

Party Name : Janata Party
Constituency : Cuttack
State : Orissa
Member Experience : Elected to Loksabha 1 time
Last Loksabha Attended : 6

More Information :
KAR, SHRI SARAT KUMAR, M.A., Janata, (Orissa—Cuttack—1977):  s. of Shri Kulamoni Kar; b. at Cuttack, September 5, 1939; ed. at Ravenshaw College, Utkal University and Allahabad University; m. Smt. Anima Mishra, July 5, 1967; 2 s.; Lecturer; Journalist and Writer; Member, All India Congress Committee 1967—71; Secretary, Cuttack, District Congress Committee 1967—71; President, Cuttack; District Utkal Congress 1971—74; Secretary, (i) Pragati Party, Orissa, 1974-75, (ii) Bharatiya Lok Dal, Orissa 1975—77 and (in) Janata Party, Orissa since 1977; President, (i) Utkal Sahitya Academy and (ii) Utkal Sangeeta and Natak Academy, 1971-72; President, (i) Pradeep Shramik Congress and (ii) Kalinga Tubes Shramik Congress; Member, International P.E.N.; Secretary and President of many literary societies; Member, Orissa Legislative Assembly 1971—73; Minister, Education and Cultural Affairs, Government of Orissa, 1971-72. Social activities:  Associated with a number of social and cultural organisations; Organised the Youth and labourers; Works for the all-round activities of the State. Favourite pastime and recreation:  Art, literature and Music; good reading, Discussion, Debate and Tourism.

Special interests:  Writing of poems, short stories and essays and public speaking on political, literary, cultural and religious topics.

Publications: "DRUTA BILAMBITA" (Book of poems).

Sports and clubs:  Took part in various sports during student days.

Travels abroad:  West Germany, 1969, U.K., Italy, France, East Germany and Egypt.

Permanent address:  Alisha Bazar, Cuttuck, Orissa.