Jaiswal , Shri Anantram

Jaiswal , Shri Anantram

Party Name : Janata Party
Constituency : Faizabad
State : Uttar Pradesh
Member Experience : Elected to Loksabha 1 time
Last Loksabha Attended : 6

More Information :
JAISWAL, SHRI ANANTRAM, B.A., LL.B., Janata, Uttar Pradesh, 1967; Health Minister, Uttar Pradesh Prasad, b. at Chandwara Village, Barabanki District, April 1, 1928, ed. at Government Inter College, Faizabad; m. Smt. Savitri, June 1954; 1 d.; Advocate; previously associated with Socialist Party, Samyukta Socialist Party and Bhartiya Lok Dal; jailed in 1957, 1960, 1966, 1968 and 1970 for participating in the campaigns for the removal of the statues of British rulers, against price rise, for the grant of fair wages and clearness allowance to the government servants and teachers, for redistribution of land to the landless; detained under Maintenance of Internal Security Act during 1975-76 for 19 months; Leader, Samyukta Socialist Party in the Uttar Pradesh Legislature, 1969—74; Member, Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, 1967—April 1968 and 1969—74; Deputy Minister of Education, Uttar Pradesh 1967; Health Minister, Uttar Pradesh 1970; presently Member, Committee on Public Undertakings. Social activities:  Participating in the campaigns for the removal of caste barriers, arrest of prices and removal of the English language.

Favourite pastime and recreation:  Reading.

Special interests:  Study of literature on Gandhiji and Dr. Lohia.

Sports and clubs:  Football and Hockey.

permanent address:  550 Rasulpur, Barabanki.