Mallik , Shri Mangaraj

Mallik , Shri Mangaraj

Party Name : Janata Dal
Constituency : Bhadrak-SC
State : Orissa
Member Experience : Elected to Loksabha 1 time
Last Loksabha Attended : 9

More Information :
MALLIK, SHRI MANGARAJ, B.A., LL.B [Janata Dal*—Orissa, Bhadrakh (SC), 1989]:  s. of Bindoda Mallik; b. at Mirgahatkul, Balasore District, Orissa, November 6, 1948; ed. at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar; m. Tapaswini Mallik, March 8, 1976, 1 s. and 4 d.; Lawyer, Political and Social Worker; Previous Association with Political Parties:  Executive Member, Janata Party, Orissa, 1980-89; Committee Experience:  Member, Committee on Science and Technology, June 7, 1990 and Consultative Committee, Ministry of Steel and Mines, 1990:

Favourite Pastime and Recreation:  Reading and writing, sports;

Sports and Clubs:  Chess, Volleyball; Social Activities:  Welfare of the poor, organising youth clubs; Other Information:  Served in the Posts and Telegraphs Department 1974-78, Manager, Gramya Bank, Puri, 1978-79;

Permanent Address:  Village Apartibindha, P.O. Bhadrakh, District Balasore, Orissa.

*Member, Janata DaJ(S) with effect from January 11, 1991.