Press-Note Schedule for bye-elections to fill casual vacancy in Assembly Constituency in the State of Uttarakhand – regarding

for Election Commission | Date - 08-06-2012

A vacancy has occurred from 68 – Assembly Constituency in the State of , which needs to be filled up. After taking into consideration various factors like, fstivals, electoral rolls etc., the Commission has decided to hold bye-election to fill this vacancy as per the mentioned as under: -


The electoral rolls comprised in 68 – Assembly Constituency have been revised with reference 01.01.2012 have been published.


The Commission has decided to use in the bye-elections in allthepollingstations.Adequae numbers of have been made available and all steps have been taken toensure that the polls are conducted smoothly with the help of these machines.


In consonance with the past pratice, the Commission has decided thatthevoter’sidentificationshallbe mandatory in theaforementioned bye- elections at the time of poll. Electoral Photo Identity Crds (EPIC) shall be themaindocumentofidentityofavoter.However,inorderto ensure that no voterisdeprivedofhis/herfranchise,ifhis/hernamefiguresin the Electoral Rolls,separateinstructionswillbeissued to allow additional documents for identification of voters at the timeof poll in the said bye-elections.


TheModelCodeofConductshallcome into force with immediate effectinthedistrict(s)inwhichthe whole or any part of the Assembly Constituencygoingforbye-electionisincluded, subject to partial modification as issued vide the Commission’s instruction No. 437/6/INST/2012/CC&BE, dated 26th April, 2012 (available on the Commission’s website). TheModelCodeof Conduct shall be applicable to all candidaes, political parties and the State Governments concerned. The Model Code of Conduct shall also be applicable to the Union Government for the State concerned.


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