(a) the present honorarium given to Anganwadi workers and helpers under the ICDS and the additional benefits offered to them by State Governments, State-wise;

(b) whether any proposal is under consideration of the Government for enhancing the honorarium of the Anganwadi workers and helpers;

(c) if so, the details thereof;

(d) whether the Government has revived any memoranda received from the various organizations demanding healthier remuneration and conditions of work for the Anganwadi workers and helpers;

(e) if so, the details thereof and the response of the Government thereto;

(f) whether the work load of the Anganwadi workers and helpers has been enhanced by assigning them new responsibilities; and

(g) if so, the details thereof and any additional benefits being offered to them for the additional work they do?

Answer given by the minister


(a) The honoraria being paid to Anganwadi Workers by the Government of India ranges from Rs.938/- to Rs.1063/- per month, depending upon their qualifications and experience. Helpers are paid fixed amount of Rs. 500/- per month. In addition,

some States are also giving monetary incentives to Anganwadi Workers/Helpers out of their own resources, as given in the Statement at Annexure-I.

The other facilities/benefits extended by Government of India to Anganwadi Workers and Helpers include:

# maternity leave of 135 days at par with women employees of organized sector;
# Insurance cover through Anganwadi Karyakatri Bima Yojana;
# Awards, both at the National and State level, to dedicated Anganwadi Workers. The award at National level comprises of cash of Rs.25,000/- and a Citation. State level awards comprise of cash of Rs. 5,000/- and a Citation.

The State Governments have been requested to:
# recruit at least 25% of Supervisors under ICDS Scheme from matriculate AWWs with 10 years’ experience;
# consider the services rendered as AWWs as additional qualification for recruitment as primary school teachers and ANMs etc.

(b) There is no such proposal at present.

(c) Does not arise.

(d)&(e) Representations have been received from some Anganwadi Workers & Helpers’ Associations. The main demands made by them and response of the Government thereto is given in the Statement at Annexure-II.

(f)&(g) It has been observed that Anganwadi Workers are being assigned work relating to Schemes/Programmes of some other Ministries/Departments of Government of India as well as State Governments. The States have been advised to ensure that AWWs are not drawn into every programme diluting her core functions under the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme.


Statement referred to in reply to part (a) of Lok Sabha Unstarred Question NO. 3819 for 16.5.2006 by Shri C.K. Chandrappan and Shri Jual Oram regarding Honorarium to Anganwadi Workers.


Sl	Name of State/UT	Addl		Addl.Honorari
No				Honorarium	um
				to AWWs 	to AWHs

1 GOA 1000 400 2 HARYANA 200 100 3 HIMACHAL PRADESH 200 100 4 J & K 245-280 140 5 KARNATAKA 250 75 6 KERALA 400 400 7 MAHARASHTRA 400 125 8 SIKKIM 750 450 9 PUNJAB 200 100 10 TAMIL NADU 680 500 12 WEST BENGAL 200 200 13 DELHI 200 100 14 PONDICHERRY 460 400 15 A & N ISLAND 500 240 16 CHANDIGARH 400 300 17 LAKSHADWEEP 500 200 18 JHARKHAND 250 100 19 D& N HAVELI 500 300 20 DAMAN & DIU 500 300


Statement referred to in reply to part (d) & (e) of Lok Sabha Unstarred Question No. 3819 for 16.5.06 by Shri C.K,Chandrappan and Shri Jual Oram regarding Honorarium to Anganwadi Workers

Main demands raised in the	Response of  the Government

i. To increase the i. In January 2003, the Government of honorarium of Anganwadi India almost dobled the honoraria of Workers & Helpers Anganwadi Workers and Helpers with effect from 1.4.2002. ii. To treat Anganawadi Workers & Helpers as Govt. ii. The Integrated Child Development employees Services (ICDS) Scheme envisages Anganwadi Workers and Helpers to be “honorary workers” from the local community who render services on part-time basis and paid fixed honorarium as decided by the Govt. from time to time. At present, there are more than 7.5 lakh AWCs and an equal number of Helpers in position. As such, it is neither feasible nor appropriate to treat them as Government employees.
iii. To provide Anganwadi iii. Govt. of India has already introduced Workers and Helpers `Anganwadi Karyakartri Bima Yojana’ for Insurance Scheme, Pension Anganwadi Workers and helpers w.e.f. 1.4.2004 Scheme etc. under Life Insurance Corporation`s Social Security Scheme.
iv. To provide retirement iv. AWWs and Helpers are voluntary workers engaged on part-time basis, it is not possible to extend pension and other benefits to them.
v. To promote the v. The GOI has already issued instructions experienced workers as to States/UTs for reservation of minimum Supervisors of 25% posts of Supervisors for selection from AWWs who are matriculates and have put in minimum of 10 years of service.
vi. To provide medical vi. The extant guidelines provide casual and leave facilities leave upto 20 days in a year of which 10 days’ leave can be granted at a time to take care of illness etc. Besides, they have also been allowed “paid absence on Maternity” for a period of 135 days
vii. To provide them with vii. Under the ICDS Scheme, there is no two sarees as uniform provision for providing uniforms to AWWs and Helpers
viii. Additional viii. Many States are giving additional honorarium for the work to AWWs and Helpers out of their own of other Ministries/ resources. The States/UT have been Departments requested to ensure that the AWWs are not drawn into every programme as it is taking away their time from core activities. However, additional monetary incntive, may be given to them for work of other programme, wherever necessary.
ix. Giving preference to ix. States/UTs have been requested to AWWs in the recruitment treat the honorary services rendered by as Teacher etc. Anganwadi Workers and Helpers as as Primary School Teachers,ANMs and other such village based positions.for recruitment
x.To provide TA/DA to x. Instructions already exist which AWWs for attending the provides for payment of TA/DA to AWWs and Refresher Training Helpers, whenever they are required to Programme etc. attend Project Headquarters for monthly meetings/ short re-orientation/refresher training courses etc.
xi. Setting up of Grievance xi. States/UTs have been requested to set Redressal Committee up Grievance Redressal Committee for AWWs and Helpers at the district and State level to improve the morale and motivation of AWWs. Responses have been received from all the States/UTs
xii. No privatization of xii. The Scheme envisages that the Central ICDS and handing over the Social Welfare Board (CSWB), voluntary AWCs to Panchayats or organisations, local bodies, Panchayati Mother Committees should Raj Institutions (where these are also be stopped functioning efficiently) etc. are to be actively involved in this programme for implementation, soliciting community support etc. Instructions have been issued by the Government of India from time to time to the State Governments involve the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and voluntary organizations in the implementation of the programme. Given the spirit of the Constitution (Seventy-Third Amendment) Act, 1992, it is expected that various functionaries involved in the developmental tasks will work harmoniously with PRIs.