Question : Financial Assistance to Non Profit Organisations

(a) the norms and guidelines of the Government for providing financial assistance to non-profit organisations;

(b) the number of such non-profit organisations presently getting financial assistance from the Ministry, State-wise;

(c) the action taken by the Government against the errant NGOs;

(d) whether the Government is considering to rationalise the eligibility criteria for NGOs to get financial assistance; and

(e) if so, the details thereof and if not, the reasons therefor?

Answer given by the minister

(a): The Government has made it mandatory for on-line submission and process of proposals for Grant-in-Aid, with effect from 1.4.2014 for ensuring transparency and timely action. In addition, Registration of NGOs with NITI Aayog is also mandatory for availing grants-in-aid under the Schemes of the Ministry. Grant-in-aid is released to NGOs only on receipt of recommendations of the State Govt./UTs. Implementing agency is also required to maintain a website and upload details of grants received, utilized and list of beneficiaries along with photo, Mobile Number and Ration Card Number/voter ID Number/Aadhaar Card Number/as the case may be.
(b): State-wise details of number of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) being granted financial assistance from the Ministry under various schemes are given in Annexure-I.

(c): The details of action taken by the Government against the errant NGOs are given in Annexure-II.

(d) & (e): There is no such proposal under consideration of the Government.

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