Question : List of Protected Monuments in Maharashtra and Rajasthan

(a) the district-wise list of protected monuments of cultural importance in Maharashtra and Rajasthan;

(b) the details of funds spent on upkeep of said monuments;

(c) whether the Government has received proposals regarding inclusion of more monuments in the said list;

(d) if so, the details thereof and the reaction of the Government thereto; and

(e) the list of monuments of cultural importance destroyed in Maharashtra and Rajasthan?

Answer given by the minister



(a) District-wise list of monuments declared as of national importance in the states of Maharashtra and Rajasthan is at Annexure-I and Annexure-II respectively

(b) Expenditure incurred on conservation and preservation of these monuments during the last three years is as under-

Expenditure (Amount in Lakhs)

Year Maharashtra Rajasthan
2016-17 1630.02 530.90
2017-18 1989.97 625.00
2018-19 1789.97 705.00

(c) &(d) No such proposal has been received

(e) No monument is reported to be destroyed in the states of Maharashtra and Rajasthan.


List of Centrally Protected Monuments under the Jurisdiction of Archaeological Survey of India in Maharashtra
Sl. No. Name of the Monument / Sites Location District
1. Buddhist Caves Pohala Kolhapur
2. Panhala Fort
i) Ambarkhana ii) Andra Vav iii) Dharma kothi, iv) Naikinicha Sajja v) Teen Darwaja, vi) Wagh Darwaja, vii) Tatbandi together with bastions Panhala Kolhapur
3. Ancient Site at Brahamapuri Kolhapur Kolhapur
4. Kopeswar Temple Khidrapur Kolhapur
5. Monolithic bas relief depicting seven manifestations of Siva locally known as Baradeva. Parel village Mumbai
6. Whole Hill fort of Sion together with all ancient Portuguese remains of buildings situated to the north, east and south-east sides of the hill at its toe. Sion Mumbai

7. Old Portuguese Churches, Watch Tower and Caves Mandapeshwar Mumbai Suburban
8. Caves Mandapeswar Mumbai Suburban
9. Jogeswari Caves Majas Mumbai Suburban
10. Caves Kondiote Mumbai Suburban
11. The Buddhist Caves at Kaneri Kaneri/ Borivali Mumbai Suburban
12. The Portuguese monastery over the caves and large watch tower on the adjoining hill at Mandapeshwar Mandapeswar Mumbai Suburban
13. Old Citadel known as Shanwarwada Pune Pune
14. Old European Tombs Pune Pune
15. Agakhan Palace Building Pune Pune
16. The Cave Temple of Bhamburda (Pataleshwar) Haveli, Pune Pune
17. Excavation & Inscriptions Selarwadi Pune
18. Cave Temple & Inscriptions Bedsa Pune
19. Cave Temple & Inscriptions Bhaja Pune
20. Cave Temple & Inscriptions Karla Pune
21. Lohogad Fort Lohogad, Maval Pune
22. Rajmachi Fort Rajmachi Pune
23. Vissapur Fort Vissapur Pune
24. Fort of Shivner Junnar Pune
25. Habshi Gumbaz Junnar Pune
26. Small Dargah Habshi Gumbaz (near Junnar) Agar Pune
27. Caves and inscription at the Nana Pass Ghatghar Pune
28. Cave Temple & Inscriptions at Junnar Junnar Pune
29. Dilawar Khan’s Musjid Khed Pune
30. Dilawar Khan’s Tomb Khed Pune
31. Ancient Dam with lock & sluice gates Khed Pune
32. Bhuleshwar Mahadeo Temple Malsiras Pune
33. Elephanta Caves Gharapuri Raigad
34. Ancient Bricks Stupa at Elephanta Island Gharapuri Raigad
35. Fort of Raygad Pachad Raigad
36. Jijamata’s wada comprising four dilapated houses & three wells surrounded by a stone wall. Pachad Raigad
37. Jijamata’s Samadhi consisting of 4 towers each. Pachad Raigad
38. Birwadi Fort on a broken range of varying 1,700 to 900 feet in height. Birwadi Raigad
39. Chandragad Dhavale Raigad
40. Ghereagad or Surgad Fort Ghera Surgad Raigad
41. Kol Caves Kol Raigad
42. Caves situated in Survey No. 86 & No. 49 of the Village of Kol Kol Raigad
43. Thanala Caves Nadsur Raigad
44. Pala Caves Pala, Mahad Raigad
45. A precipitous hill near Raigad Fort Contains one rock-cut cistern of water. Was formerly used as a jail for prisoners. Kadasari
Lingana Raigad
46. Awchitgad Medhe Raigad
47. Buddhist Caves Gomashi Raigad
48. Kuda Caves Mangaon Raigad
49. Khadsamla Caves Nenavali Raigad
50. Kasa Fort (Kamsa Fort) Murud Raigad
51. Tala Fort Tala Raigad
52. Janjira Fort Rajapuri Raigad
53. Tombs at Khokari Najik Ghumaj (Khokari Ghumai) Rajapuri Raigad
54. An old Fort row in a dilapidated condition. Contains a temple of the God Kangorrmal; two tanks. Kadasari
Kangori Raigad
55. Kolaba Fort Containing
1) The Sarja Kot, 2) The North Causeway 3) The Manik Chawda, 4) The South causeway 5) The Talghar, 6) The Padmawati shrine 7) The temple of Gulbai or Mahishasuri 8) The shrine of Bhawani, 9) The Nanisahib’s place 10) The Thorla wada 11) The Reservoir with Apsaras 12) The temple of Ganpati-Panchyetan 13) The temple of Mahadeo 14) The shrine of Maruti 15) The temple of Kanoba 16) The shrine of Yeshvantdari 17) The tomb of a Mahomedan Saint. 18) The temple of Bapdeo Alibag Raigad
56. Cathedral Agarkot Raigad
57. Chouburji- the castle or factory of Cheul Agarkot Raigad
58. Church & Convent of the Augustinians Agarkot Raigad
59. The Dominican Church & Convent Agarkot Raigad
60. The Jesuit Monastery Agarkot Raigad
61. Kothi Agarkot Raigad
62. 1 Buruj Agarkot Raigad
63. St. Francis Xavier’s Chapel Agarkot Raigad
64. Satkhani Buruj – St. Barbara’s Tower Agarkot Raigad
65. Two Gates-Porta do Mar & Porta da Terra Agarkot Raigad
66. Hirakote old Fort Agarkot Raigad
67. Barber’s Mahal Cheul Raigad
68. Dadar (Stair Case) Cheul Raigad
69. Kaman (Arch) Cheul Raigad
70. Mosque Cheul Raigad
71. Rajkot Cheul Raigad
72. Tomb of Angre Cheul Raigad
73. Vada of dancing girls Cheul Raigad
74. Songad Achloli Raigad
75. Ghosalegad Fort Ghosale Raigad
76. Caves near the Kotali Fort Peth / Karjat Raigad
77. Kotali Fort with two iron guns and one bronze gun Peth / Karjat Raigad
78. Old Fort at Korlai Korlai Raigad
79. Nagothna Bridge Nagothna Raigad
80. Ambivli Caves Ambivli, Karjat Raigad
81. Kondhane Caves Kondhane, Karjat Raigad
82. Mosque at Dabhol Dabhol Ratnagiri
83. Rock cut Caves ( Ganesh Lena group) Panhale Kaji Ratnagiri
84. Suvarnadurg Fort Harnai Ratnagiri
85. Jaygad Fort Jaygad Ratnagiri
86. Muhammad Tughlak’s Mosque Khanapur Sangli
87. Jhabareshwar Mahadeo temple Phaltan Satara
88. Panta’s Kot or Got open space Karad Satara
89. Buddhist Caves at Jakinwadi Jakhinwadi/ Karad Satara

90. Old temple of the River Krishna facing the Wai Valley. Old Mahabaleshwar Satara
91. Vijayadurg Fort Vijaydurg Sindhudurg
92. Sindhudurg Fort Malvan Sindhudurg
93. Tomb of Begami Ghodeshwar Sholapur
94. Aurangzeb’s Fort Machnur Sholapur
95. Old temple of Shri Sidheshwar (enclosed in a paved court) Machnur Sholapur
96. Covered Colonnade
(to the south of the well) Mahalung Sholapur
97. Hemadpanti Temple of Mahadeo Mahalung Sholapur
98. Hemadpanti of Vithoba Mahalung Sholapur
99. Hemadpanti Well Mahalung Sholapur
100. Mahadev Stones Mahalung Sholapur
101. Temple of Devi (Yamai) (to the west of the wall) Mahalung Sholapur
102. The Old Fort at Sholapur Sholapur Sholapur
103. The gateway and the old Maruti temple with Viragal stones on either side Velapur Sholapur
104. Old doubled shrined temple, on the far side of a tank near the last Velapur Sholapur
105. Old temple and Viragals or sculptured memorial stones by the road side just outside the village Velapur Sholapur
106. Old temple of Sarkarvada locally known as Parasnath temple. Velapur Sholapur
107. The temples of Haranareshwar & Ardhanari-Nateshwar, one Hemadpanti tank (small square kunda) & Viragal stones kept in the compound. Velapur Sholapur
108. The Temple of Ambaranath Ambaranath Thana
109. Brahmanical Caves at Polu Sonala Polu Sonala, Murbad Thana
110. Carved Stones and temple Vada Palghar
111. A mound locally known as Burud Kot in Hissa No.2 of Survey No. 75 having an area of 2 acres and 28¼ gunthas Mardes Palghar
112. Mahuli Fort Mahuli, Shahapur Palghar
113. Caves on Barad Hill Khunavada Palghar
114. A mound locally known as “Sonar Bhat” in Hissa No.11 of the Survey No.52 having an area of 25 ¼ gunthas. Gas Palghar
115. A tank by the west side of the road from Umrala village to Bolinj Bolinj Palghar
116. Fort and old Portuguese Remains Bassein Palghar
117. Fort Arnala Palghar
118. Damri Masjid (Within the limits of Cantonment) Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
119. Gate near Nyamat Khan''s Palace Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
120. Kotla of Twelve Imams Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
121. Macca Masjid Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
122. Old Tomb near Changiz Khan''s Palace (Sarje Khan’s Tomb) Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
123. Tomb of Nizam Ahmedshah Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
124. Building known as Farah bagh Bhingar Cantonment Ahmednagar
125. Ancient site and Remains at Daimabad Daimabad Village Ladgaon Ahmednagar
126. Dhokeshwar Caves Dhoke Ahmednagar
127. Jain Temple Ghotan Ahmednagar
128. Temple of Mallikarjuna Ghotan Ahmednagar
129. Caves & Temple Harischandra Garh Ahmednagar
130. Jarasangh Nagri Jorve Ahmednagar
131. Mallikarjun Temple Karjat Ahmednagar
132. Shiva Temple called as Naktichadeul Karjat Ahmednagar
133. Old Temple Kokamthan Ahmednagar
134. Temple of Devi Mandavgaon Katrabad Ahmednagar
135. Salabat Khan’s Tomb Mehkar Ahmednagar
136. Ancient site locally known as Ladmod Newasa Ahmednagar
137. Temple of Shiva on Either side of the stream Parner Ahmednagar
138. Baleshwar Temple Pedgaon Ahmednagar
139. Temple of Lakshmi Narayan Pedgaon Ahmednagar
140. Temple of Amriteshwar Ratanwadi Ahmednagar
141. Hemadpanthi Tank with Temple Sonai Bamini Ahmednagar
142. Triple Shrined temple of Bhavani Tahakari Ahmednagar
143. Five Stone Gates Tisgaon Ahmednagar
144. Temple of Devi Toka Ahmednagar
145. Temple of Siddheshwar Mahadev Toka Ahmednagar
146. Temple of Vishnu & Five Ghats attached thereto Toka Ahmednagar
147. Ajanta Caves Ajanta Aurangabad
148. Aurangabad Caves Aurangabad Aurangabad
149. Tomb of Rabia Daurani (Bibi-Ka-Maqbara) Aurangabad Aurangabad
150. Daulatabad fort and monument therein (i.e. Chand Minar) Daulatabad Aurangabad
151. Ellora Caves Ellora Aurangabad
152. Ghrishneshwar Temple, Chatries and other ancient sites Ellora Aurangabad
153. Tomb of Aurangazeb Khulatabad Aurangabad
154. Tomb of Malik Ambar Khulatabad Aurangabad
155. Ancient site /Mound Paithan Aurangabad
156. Pitalkhora Caves Pitalkhora Aurangabad
157. Ukkadeshwar Mahadev Temple Ukkad Pimpri Beed
158. Math Balsana Dhulia
159. Small temple on Survey No. 141 Balsana Dhulia
160. Temple between Durga''s temple and Math in Survey No. 141 Balsana Dhulia
161. Temple in front of the above in Survey No.418 Balsana Dhulia
162. Temple of Durga Balsana Dhulia
163. Temple of Shiva Balsana Dhulia
164. Temple of the left side of Siva''s temple in Survey No. 418 Balsana Dhulia
165. Old Gateways in the ruined fort and caves. Bhamer Dhulia
166. Seven Muhammadan tombs Thalner Dhulia
167. Three Muhammadan tombs Thalner Dhulia
168. Ancient Mound and monuments known as ''Pawar''s Gadhi''. Bahal Jalgaon
169. Temple of Changdev Changdev Jalgaon
170. Temple of Devi and Sambha Dighi Jalgaon
171. Maheshwara Temple Patan Jalgaon
172. Temple of Chandika Devi Patan Jalgaon
173. Temple of Nagarjun Patan Jalgaon
174. Temple of Shrinagar Chavdi Patan Jalgaon
175. Mahadev Temple Sangameshwar Jalgaon
176. Ancient site and remains Tekwada Jalgaon
177. Mudhai Devi Temple Vaghli Jalgaon
178. Old temple of Siddheshwar with three inscription slabs Vaghli Jalgaon
179. Archaeological Sites & Remains Bhokardan Jalna
180. Brahmanical caves locally known as Pandavlena Mahoor Village Nanded
181. Ancient site and remains Prakash Nandurbar
182. Hindu Temple Ambegaon Nasik
183. Old Temple Anjaneri Nasik
184. Caves Ankai Nasik
185. Hindu Temple Deothan Nasik
186. Old Matichi Gadhi Nasik Nasik
187. Pandav Lena Caves Pathardi Nasik
188. Temple of Aishwar Sinnar Nasik
189. Temple of Gondeshwar Mahadev Sinnar Nasik
190. Temple of Trimbakeshwar Trimbak Nasik
191. Jaina Caves Tringalwadi Nasik
192. Hemadpanthi temple of Mahadev Zodga Nasik
193. Patur Caves (Two caves) Patur Akola
194. Black stone temple of Bhawani BarsiTakli Akola
195. Dahihanda Gate of the Outer City wall Akola Akola
196. Khirki gate in the outer city wall Akola Akola
197. South East bastion of the outer city wall together with 10 yards of the adjacent wall on each side, variously known as PanchBurujHasrathYab and containing a Persian inscription. Akola Akola
198. Balapur Fort Balapur Akola
199. Chhatri near the DakBunglow Balapur Akola
200. Narnala Fort Narnala Akola
201. Temple of Anandeshwar Lasur Amravati
202. Lal Khan tomb Amner Amravati
203. Tank in front of top tomb of Lalkhan Amner Amravati
204. Gawilgarh Fort (the walls and the whole area contained by them) Chikaldara Amravati
205. City wall of Nawab Ismail Khan Ellichpur (Achalpur) Amravati
206. Dula gate Ellichpur (Achalpur) Amravati
207. Haripura Gate Ellichpur (Achalpur) Amravati
208. HauzKatora Ellichpur (Achalpur) Amravati
209. Jiwanpura Gate Ellichpur (Achalpur) Amravati
210. All the remains of the circumambulation wall of Pauni Fort Pauni Bhandara
211. Ancient mound on which the modern temple of Jagannath stands Pauni Bhandara
212. Mounds known as Hardulala -ki-Tekri Pauni Bhandara
213. Cromlech known as ''Tilota'' (Frying pan) Pimpalgaon
(Sadak) Bhandara
214. Mosque Fathekheda (Sakharkheda) Buldhana
215. Mosque Rohinkhed Buldhana
216. Three old Temples Dhotra Buldhana
217. Two old Temples Kothali Buldhana
218. Fifteen Temples Lonar Buldhana
219. Gaimukh temple No. 1 of DaityaSudana Lonar Buldhana
220. Gaimukha temple and tank Lonar Buldhana
221. Temple of DaityaSudana Lonar Buldhana
222. Temple of Mahadev
Sakegaon Buldhana
223. Temple of Vishnu, remains of an old building to the east of that temple and remains of small temple Satgaon Buldhana
224. Temple of Mahadev Sindhkhed Raja Buldhana
225. Moti Samadhi Deulgaon Raja Buldhana
226. Dharmasala locally known as chhatri Lonar Buldhana
227. Square kunda on the east of the town Lonar Buldhana
228. Dharmasala at the north west corner of the town Mehkar Buldhana
229. LakhujiJadhavrao''s Samadhi Sindhkhed Raja Buldhana
230. Tank Sindhkhed Raja Buldhana
231. Pandavas Caves containing three images Bhandak Chandrapur
232. LalpethMonaliths consisting of sixteen colossal stone Images Chandrapur Chandrapur
233. Large high knoll to the east of Bhadranath temple with remains of a temple with huge stone-carved blocks and a figure of Ganapati. Bhandak Chandrapur
234. Old temple of Chandikadevi Bhandak (Gutkala-Raiyatwadi ) Chandrapur
235. Achaleshwar temple and another small temple with an enclosure. Chandrapur Chandrapur
236. Mahadev temple close to the Municipal office. Chandrapur Chandrapur
237. Temple of Mahakali Chandrapur Chandrapur
238. Temple of Keshavnath Churul Chandrapur
239. Ancient temple Deotak Chandrapur
240. Hemadpanti temple containing Images of Dattatraya, Mahadev and Laxminarayan. Dhanora Chandrapur
241. Temple of Mahadev Mahadwari Chandrapur
242. Temple of Mahadev Neri Chandrapur
243. Ramdigi temple and Ramdigi pool Nimdhela forest Chandrapur
244. Old Hemadpanti temple Palebaras Chandrapur
245. Old temple of Mahadev Rajgarh Chandrapur
246. Fort wall Ballarpur Chandrapur
247. Fort Bhandak Chandrapur
248. Old Bridge Bhandak (Gutkala-Raiyatwadi ) Chandrapur
249. Fort wall Chandrapur Chandrapur
250. Enclosure and buildings of the Gond Raja''s tomb just outside the Achaleshwar Gate of the city Chandrapur Chandrapur
251. Remains of an old Fort Khatora Chandrapur
252. Old Temple Armori Gadchiroli
253. Group of Temples Markanda Gadchiroli
254. Large Temple Thanegaon Gadchiroli
255. Temple of Bhandareshwar Wairagrah Gadchiroli
256. Stone Circle Arsoda Gadchiroli
257. Group of twenty Cromlechs or Kistvaens Chamorshi Gadchiroli
258. Rock Caves Jharapapra Gadchiroli
259. Fortress of Tipagarh Murumgaon Gadchiroli
260. Fort wall Wairagrah Gadchiroli
261. Remains of the temple close to the south of the village Ganeshpur Padampur Gondia
262. Remains of the temple locally known as NathBawa. Padampur Gondia
263. Remains of the temple to the north of the village Padampur Gondia
264. Remains of the temple to the north-west of the village Padampur Gondia
265. The old remains of two temples outside Padampur to the north and the other immediately to the south of Ganeshpur. Padampur Gondia
266. Fort Partabgarh Gondia
267. Temple of Mahadev Ghogra Nagpur
268. Kalimata''s temple Ramtek Nagpur
269. Old shrines on Ramtek hill having TrivikramAvatara of Vishnu. Ramtek Nagpur
270. Tank and Mandapa opposite to the Dattatraya''s temple. Ramtek Nagpur
271. Remains of an old fort on the hill Bhiwargarh Nagpur
272. Fort Dongartal Nagpur
273. Stone Circle Ghorar Nagpur
274. Stone Circle Junapani Nagpur
275. Ancient Buddhist remains comprising monastery, stupa, Rock-cut inscription etc. Mansar and Khairi Nagpur
276. Stone Circle Nildho Nagpur
277. Stone Circle Takalghat Nagpur
278. Old High Court Building Civil Lines Nagpur
279. Fort Paunar Wardha
280. Temple of Goddess Pandhardevi Pandhardevi Yeotmal
281. Temple of Kamaleshwar Pathrot (Mahagaon) Yeotmal
282. Mahadev Temple Raut-Swangi Yeotmal
283. Mahadev Temple Rui-Wai Yeotmal
284. Hemadpanthi temple of Shree Mahadev (Taponeswar) Tapona Yeotmal
285. Mahadev Temple Yelabara Yeotmal
286. Hemadpanthi temple of Mahadev Nerparasopant Yeotmal



List of Centrally Protected Monuments under the Jurisdiction of Archaeological Survey of India in Rajasthan

1. The Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra Ajmer Ajmer
2. One Baori on the Ajmer-Jaipur Road Ajmer Ajmer
3. The Badshahi Haveli in the Naya Bazar Ajmer Ajmer
4. Delhi gate consisting of one archway Ajmer Ajmer
5. Gateway of Taragarh Hill Ajmer (Taragarh) Ajmer
6. The Marble Pavilions and Balustrade on the Ana Sagar Bund and the Ruins of the Marble Hammam behind the Ana Sagar Bund Ajmer Ajmer
7. Saheli Bazar Buildings in Daulat Bagh Ajmer Ajmer
8. Tomb of Allauddin Khan known as ‘Sola Thumba’ Ajmer Ajmer
9. Tombs of Abdulla Khan and his wife Ajmer Ajmer
10. Tripolia Gate Ajmer Ajmer
11. Magazine buildings in the Ajmer fort Ajmer Ajmer
12. Kos minar erected by emperor Akbar Ajmer-Jaipur road Ajmer
13. Kos minar erected by Emperor Akbar Ajmer-Jaipur road Ajmer
14. Kos minar erected by emperor Akbar Chatri Ajmer
15. One Sarai Chatri Village Ajmer
16. Kos minar erected by emperor Akbar Ghugra Ajmer
17. Kos minar erected by emperor Akbar Hushiara Ajmer
18. Kos minar erected by emperor Akbar Hushiara Ajmer
19. Kos minar erected by emperor Akbar Kair Ajmer
20. Kos minar erected by emperor Akbar Khanpura/ Kayampura Ajmer
21. Mahal Badshahi at Pushkar Pushkar Ajmer
22. Brahma ji Temple Pushkar Ajmer
23. Siva Temple and ruins Arthuna Banswara
24. Ancient remains Vithal Deva Banswara
25. Bhandasar Jain Temple Bikaner Bikaner
26. Jain Temple of Susani Goddess Morkhana village Bikaner
27. Ghateshwar temple Badoli Chittaurgarh
28. Kund Badoli Chittaurgarh
29. Shringar Chawri Badoli Chittaurgarh
30. Temple of Ashtamata Badoli Chittaurgarh
31. Temple of Ganesh Badoli Chittaurgarh
32. Temple of Sheshashayan Badoli Chittaurgarh
33. Temple of Shiv and Kund Badoli Chittaurgarh
34. Temple of Trimurti Badoli Chittaurgarh
35. Temple of Vamanavatar known as Narad temple Badoli Chittaurgarh
36. Fort of Chittaur as a whole Chittaur Chittaurgarh
37. Menal (Mahanal) temples and Math Menal Chittaurgarh
38. Hathiwada enclosure with inscription together with adjacent land in Survey plot no. 301 Nagari Chittaurgarh
39. Ancient ruins in whole of survey no. 991, 992, 993, 994/1, 994/3, 995, 996, 997, 998, 999, 1000 and 1002 Nagari Chittaurgarh
40. Archaeological site and remains at Jeora comprised in survey plot no. 416 Nilodh/Jeora Chittaurgarh
41. Jain temple inscription Baroda Dungarpur
42. Somnath temple Dev Somnath Dungarpur
43. Ancient mounds (2) Mathula Gangannagar
44. Ancient mound Chak-86 Gangannagar
45. Ancient mounds Bhannar Theri Gangannagar
46. Ancient mounds (2) Binjor Gangannagar
47. Ancient mound Baror Gangannagar
48. Ancient mounds Rang mahal Gangannagar
49. Ancient mound Tarkhanewala Dera Gangannagar
50. Ancient mounds Badopal Hanumangarh
51. Ancient mounds Bhadrakali Hanumangarh
52. Ancient mounds Dhokal Hanumangarh
53. Fort Bhatner Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
54. Ancient mounds (3) Kalibanga Hanumangarh
55. Ancient mounds Manak Hanumangarh
56. Ancient mounds Munda Hanumangarh
57. Ancient mounds Peer Sultan Hanumangarh
58. Ancient mound Pilibanga Hanumangarh
59. Fort including ancient temples Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
60. Ancient Site Lodruva Patan Jaisalmer
61. Fort Mandore Jodhpur
62. Fort of Kumbhalgarh as a whole Kumbhalgarh Rajsamand
63. Ghat with inscriptions pavilions and toranas, (together with Adjacent area comprised in survey plot no. 344) Nav chowki/
Rajsamand Rajsamand
64. Archaeological site and remains comprised in Survey plot no. 938, 941, 1065, 1066, 1067, 1068, 1069, 1070, 1071, 1072, 1073 and 1074 Gilund (Bhagwan Pura) Rajsamand
65. Haldi Ghati Haldi Ghati Dara Rajsamand
66. Badhshahi Bagh Shahi Bagh Rajsamand
67. Chetak Samadhi Chetak Samadhi Rajsamand
68. Rakta Talai Rakta Talai Rajsamand
69. Ancient ruins Kalyanpur Udaipur
70. Sas Bahu Temples Nagada Udaipur
71. Pratap Smarak Chavand Udaipur
72. Mahal known as Hawa Mahal Veerpura
(Jaisamand) Udaipur
73. Hawa Mahal known as Roothi Rani ka Mahal Veerpura
(Jaisamand) Udaipur
74. Ancient site Bhangarh Alwar
75. Shiva temple Neelkanth Alwar
76. Baori and Adjacent Archaeological remains Neemrana Alwar
77. Ancient Remains Pandrupol Alwar
78. LalMasjid Tijara Alwar
79. Ruins of Temples Atru or Ganesh-Ganj Baran
80. Yupa Pillars Badwa Baran
81. Temple (12 century) Baran Baran
82. Ancient Ruins and Structural Remains Krishnavilas Baran
83. Old Temples, Statues and Inscriptions Shergarh Baran
84. Akbar''s Chhatri Bayana Bharatpur
85. Ancient Fort with its Monuments Bayana Bharatpur
86. BrahmabadIdgah Bayana Bharatpur
87. Islam Shah''s Gate Bayana Bharatpur
88. Jahangir''s Gateway Bayana Bharatpur
89. Jhajri Bayana Bharatpur
90. Saraj Sad-ul-lah Bayana Bharatpur
91. Usa Mandir Bayana Bharatpur
92. Lodhi''s Minar Bayana Bharatpur
93. Delhi Gate Bharatpur Fort (outside) Bharatpur
94. FatehBurj near Anah Gate Bharatpur Bharatpur
95. JawaharBurj and Ashtadhatu Gateway Bharatpur Fort (inside) Bharatpur
96. Moat surrounding the Fort wall Bharatpur Bharatpur
97. Fort walls including Chowburja gate and approach bridges at the chowburja and ashtadhatu gates. Bharatpur Bharatpur
98. DeegBhawans (Palace) Deeg Bharatpur
99. Looted gun Deeg Bharatpur
100. Marble Jhoola Deeg Bharatpur
101. Chaurasi Khamba temple Kaman Bharatpur
102. Ancient Mound Malah Bharatpur
103. Ancient Mound Noh Bharatpur
104. Colossal image of Yaksha Noh Bharatpur
105. Lal Mahal Rupvaa Bharatpur
106. Mahakal and two other temples Bijolia Bhilwara
107. Rock Inscriptions (12 century) Bijolia Bhilwara
108. Rock Inscriptions within the ParaswanathTemple compound (12 century) Bijolia Bhilwara
109. Ancient temple known as Kaneri-ki-Putli Khadipur village Bhilwara
110. Wall Paintings of Hardoti School in the palace Bundi Bundi
111. Ancient Mound Nainwa Bundi
112. Ancient Mound Keshwarai Patan Bundi
113. Ancient Mound Abaneri Dausa
114. Baori Abaneri Dausa
115. Harsat Mata ka Mandir Abaneri Dausa
116. BanjaronkiChhatri containing two pillars similar to railing pillars of BharhutStupa Lalsote Dausa
117. Ancient Mound Maheshra Dausa
118. Ancient Mound Raniwas Dausa
119. Ancient Mound Sikrai Dausa
120. Babur''s Garden (Charbagh) Dholpur (Jhor) Dholpur
121. Jogni-Jogna Temple Dholpur Dholpur
122. Shergarh Fort Dholpur Dholpur
123. Sun Temple Amber Jaipur
124. JamaMasjid Amber Jaipur
125. LaxmiNarainji''s Temple Amber Jaipur
126. Sri JagatSiromaniji temple Amber Jaipur
127. Pundrikji ki Haveli- Paintings in a room Brahmpuri Jaipur
128. Temple containing Fresco paintings Gultaji Jaipur
129. Excavated Site Sambhar Jaipur
130. Excavated Site Bairat Jaipur
131. Fortress known as Medhaji-ka-Mahal, JamwaRamgarh Jaipur
132. Buddhist Caves and Pillars Binnayaga (Dag) Jhalawar
133. Caves of Naranjani etc. Binnayaga (Dag) Jhalawar
134. AncientRuins Dalsanagar (Gangadhar) Jhalawar
135. AncientRuins Dudhaliya (Dag) Jhalawar
136. Buddhist Caves Hathiagor Jhalawar
137. Buddhist Caves, Pillars, Idols Kolvi (Dag) Jhalawar
138. Old Temples near the Chandrabhaga Jhalrapatan Jhalawar
139. Wall Paintings in the palaces of Maharaja GopalLal Karauli Karauli
140. Siva Temple and two unpublished Gupta Inscriptions Charchoma Kota
141. Temple, Fort wall and Statues Dara or Mukandara Kota
142. Temple with Inscriptions Kanswa Kota
143. Persian Inscriptions in a Baori Alanpur SawaiMadhopur
144. Jain Temple SawaiMadhopur SawaiMadhopur
145. Ranthambhore Fort Ranthambore SawaiMadhopur
146. Harshnath Temple Sikar Sikar
147. Bisal Deoji''s Temple Bisalpur Tonk
148. Ancient Mound Bundwali Doongri Tonk
149. Ancient Mound Gariagarh (Newai) Tonk
150. DevapuraBarodia Mounds Jhalia Tonk
151. HathiBhata Kakar Tonk
152. Ancient Mound Nagar Tonk
153. Excavated Site Nagar Tonk
154. Inscription in Fort Nagar Tonk
155. Mand Kila Tal Inscription Nagar Tonk
156. Yupa Pillars in Bichpuria Temple Nagar Tonk
157. Inscription Panwar Tonk
158. Excavated Site Rairh (Newai) Tonk
159. Kala Pahar Temple Todarai Singh Tonk
160. Kalyanraiji''s Temple Todarai Singh Tonk
161. LaxmiNarainji''s Temple Todarai Singh Tonk
162. Baories old locally known as Hadirani-ka-kund Todarai Singh Tonk
163. Pipaji''s Temple (near dispensary) Todarai Singh Tonk

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