(a) the present status of schemes under implementation for promotion of Urdu; and

(b) the steps taken/being taken by the Government in this regard?

Answer given by the minister


(a) & (b) : The Government and National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language(NCPUL), an autonomous body under the administrative control of this Ministry operate many schemes for promotion of Urdu language. Status of the schemes is as under:

1) Financial Assistance for Appointment of Urdu teachers in states/UTs; Under this scheme financial assistance is provided for teaching Urdu as second language for which honorarium @ Rs.500 p.m or 10% of the basic pay of regular Urdu teachers per month whichever is less is provided. Rs.13.00 crore has been earmarked in BE 2004-05 for the scheme.

2) NCPUL has a Budget Provision of Rs.11.00 crores for 2004- 05 and administers the following schemes:-

(a) One year Diploma course in Computer Applications and Multilingual DTP which is being run since 1999. So far 150 centers have been established.

(b) 23 Calligraphy and Graphic Design Training Centers have been established all over the country covering 12 states.

(c) A six month Certificate Course in Urdu Script through Hindi and English medium for those who know Devnagri or Roman script and wish to learn Urdu script is being run which now has been upgraded to one year Diploma Course.

(d). The Council brings out three journals i) Urdu Duniya(monthly) ii) Fikr-o-tehqeeq(quarterly) iii) Urdu Darpan(quarterly)

(e) NCPUL has organized five Kul Hind Urdu Kitab Melas so far, first and second at Lal Qila Ground, Delhi in 2000 and 2001, third at Mumbai in 2002, fourth at Srinagar in 2003 and Fifth Kul Hind Urdu Kitab Mela at Mumbai in 2004.

(f) Financial assistance to small and medium Urdu newspapers is given for availing Urdu service of the United News of India(UNI). Presently, 45 Daily Urdu newspapers are connected to UNI Urdu service.

(g) Financial assistance is given to NGOs for engaging part-time Urdu teachers for promotion of Urdu education and to voluntary organizations/ individuals for publication of manuscripts and bulk purchase of books etc.