Question : Renting of Historical Sites in Uttar Pradesh

(a) the details of historical and archaeological heritage sites marked by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in Uttar Pradesh;

(b) whether all these heritage sites are being protected in an appropriate manner and if so, the details thereof;

(c) whether any case of renting out and encroachment of the historical and archaeological heritage sites situated in Uttar Pradesh has come to the notice of the Government; and

(d) if so, the details thereof and the action taken by the Government thereon?

Answer given by the minister



(a) The details are at Annexure.

(b) The monuments and sites declared protected as of national importance under the jurisdiction of Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) are conserved, preserved and maintained by ASI as per the provisions of Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958.

(c)&(d) In case of ten monuments in Uttar Pradesh, the Waqf Board has rented the premises and in 75 monuments, encroachments have been reported which also include the rented ones. ASI, through regular dialogues request the Waqf Board to cancel the allotments and in case of Bara Imambara and Asifi Masjid, Lucknow, 50 such occupants were removed. The matter concerning encroachments in the protected monuments and protected areas are removed as per the provisions contained in the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 and Rules, 1959 framed thereunder. Superintending Archaeologists are also authorised to issue show cause notices under the provisions of the Act followed by a direction to the District Collector/Magistrate by Central Government to remove such encroachment under section 19 (2) of the Act and Rule 38 (2). In order to contain the encroachments and removing them, the Superintending Archaeologist in charge of the Circles have been vested with the powers of Estate Officers to issue eviction notices/orders to the encroachers under Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants) Act, 1971. In addition to the regular watch and ward staff, private security personnel, State police guards and CISF have also been deployed for the safety and security of selected monuments.




Name of monument/site Locality District
1. Agra Fort
Including Akbari Mahal Agra Agra
Anguri Bagh
Baoli of the Diwan-i-Am Quadrangle.
Carved stone inscription dated A.D. 1605 inside the Delhi gate entrance.
Chitor Gates.
Diwan-i-Am or Hall of Public Audience
Diwan-i-Khas or Private Hall of Audience
Galleries beneath the Khas Mahal
Hon''ble John Russell Colvin''s Tomb.
Inner Amar Singh Gate.
Inner Delhi Gate.
Jahangiri Mahal
Jahangir''s Bath
Khas Mahal or the Aramgah or private hall including the golden pavilions on each side.
Ladies Bazaar attached to the Nagina Masjid.
Machchi Bhawan or Fish House.
Maharatta Building impinging on the Nagina Masjid
Mina Masjid
Moti Masjid or Pearl Mosque
Royal Baths
Nagina Masjid
Saman Burj with Pachisi Court and surrounding chambers.
Shahjahan''s apartment
Shish Mahal
Somnath Gates
Well (Baoli) in the Akbari Mahal.

2. Barah Khamba together with adjoining area comprised in part of survey plot no. 150 as shown in the site plan. Agra, Tajganj Agra
3. Chattries on the Yamuna bank to the north of Ram Bagh Agra Agra
4. Chauburji, of the temporary Burial place of Emperor Babur, together with the Chabutra on which it stands. Agra Agra
5. Chini-ka-Rauza including well, tank and kiosk facing the river Yamuna.
Agra Agra
6. City wall on the west side of Agra Gate.
Agra Agra
7. Dakhini darwaza in Mohalla Tajganj. Agra Agra
8. Firoz Khan''s Tomb. Agra Agra
9. Gateway at Pul Changa Modi. Agra Agra
10. Gateway in the interior of Tajganj. Agra Agra
11. Great Idgah. Agra Agra
12. Itimad-ud-Daula’s Tomb Agra Agra
13. Inscribed tablet in a piece of the old city wall of Agra (Akbarabad) on the west side of the Mahatma Gandhi road Agra Agra
14. Jami Masjid Agra Agra
15. Jhun Jhun Katora Agra Agra
16. Khans Gate Agra Agra
17. Kiosk and buildings other than the river side kiosk at or near Zohra Bagh. Agra Agra
18. Mehtab Bagh on the river bank, facing the Taj. Agra Agra
19. Maqbara called Kala Gumbaz between Chini-ka-Rauza and Bagh Wazir Khan. Agra Agra
20. Old Delhi Gate of city. Agra Agra
21. Pahlwan''s Tomb near Cantonment, Gwalior Road Agra Agra
22. Ram Bagh Gateways Agra Agra
23. Ram Bagh Houses, Kiosks, terraces and Katra. Agra Agra
24. Rauza Diwanji Begum and Mosque Agra Agra
25. Sat Kuiya or Seven wells close by Ram Bagh on the Aligarh Road. Agra Agra
26. Small Chattri on Agra-Mathura Road. Agra Agra
27. Statue of Akbar''s House on the Agra-Sikandara Road. Agra Agra
28. Taj and grounds including the Masjid on the west side, the pavilions on the east and west sides of the grounds; great south entrance gateway and great courtyard surrounded by cloisters. Agra Agra
Dalans round Taj Quadrangle
Drinking fountain in the west enclosure wall of the Taj Garden.
Entrance Gateway of Khan-i-Alam Bagh
Fatehpur Masjid
Kali Masjid and enclosure wall.
Khan-i-Alam Bagh together with the new tank near the Taj Mahal
Old Mughal Aqueduct.
Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.1
Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.2
Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.3
Sahelion-ka-Gumbaz No.4
Sirhi Darwaja facing the inner entrance gate of the Taj.
Tank near the Fatehpur Masjid
Well at the Taj garden
29. Tank Pahlwan near Cantonment, Gwalior road. Agra Agra
30. Two Gateways of early Mughal date at the northeast and northwest corner of Rambagh. Agra Agra
31. Well and flight of steps in the Charbagh. Agra Agra
32. Zohra Bagh and River side Kiosk. Agra Agra
33. Kos Minar Agra-Fatehpur Sikri Road,Mile 09,Furlong 04 Agra
34. Kos Minar Agra-Fatehpur Sikri Road, Mile 11, Fag 01 Agra
35. Kos Minar Agra-Fatehpur Sikri Road, Mile12,Furlong 07 Agra
36. Kos Minar Agra-Fatehpur Sikri Road, Mile 15, Furlong 02
37. Kos Minar Agra-Fatehpur Sikri Road, Mile 04, Furlong 03 Agra
38. Kos Minar Agra-Mathura Road, Mile 06, Furlong 07 Agra
39. Kos Minar Agra-Mathura Road, Mile-09, Furlong 04 Agra 40. Kos Minar Agra-Mathura Road, Mile-126, Furlong 01 Agra
41. Tomb of Mahabat Khan''s Daughter.
Bagh Rajpur
42. Chattrie making the site of the Empress Jodhbai''s Tomb.
Bhogipura Agra
43. Double storied Mughal pavilion called Hajeera.
Burhia-ka-Tal Agra
44. The village known as Burhia-ka-Tal Burhia-ka-Tal Agra
45. Fatehpur Sikri Agra Agra
Abul Faizi’s House
Abul Faizi''s House
Agra Gate.
Ajmer Gate.
Ankh Michauli and vaults beneath.
Archways partly supporting platform by the water work and in front of covered way leading from Jodhbai''s Palace towards the Hiran Minar.
Astrologer''s Seat & vaults beneath
Baha-ud-Din''s Tomb.
Buland Darwaza of the Jami Masjid
Baoli on the north side of Agra road below Hakim''s Bath.
Baradari near Kush Mahal.
Baradari near Naubat Khana
Baradari near Tehra Darwaza
Birbal''s Gate
Building commonly called Baiju-ka-Makan
Chandanpol Gate
Chor Darwaza
City Walls
Cloisters in front of the hammam by the gate leading into the Diwani-i-Am courtyard.
Daftarkhana (Old Dak Bungalow)
Dalan (attached to Mariam''s House)
Darogha''s House
Delhi Gate
Diving well
Diwan-i-Khas with cloisters
Domed Baths
Domed Gateway on the stone ridge by the Agra Gate
Elephant Gate or Hathi Pol
Girl''s School
Guard House attached to Jodh Bai''s Palace
Guard House (attached to Mariam''s House)
Guard House
Guard House at the foot of the ridge by Agra gate
Gwalior Gate
Hakim''s Bath
Hakim''s (Doctor''s ) house
Hamamm, southeast of Buland Darwaza
Hamamm, in front of the Buland Darwaza
Hammam(attached to Jodh Bai''s Palace)
Hammam, No. 2
Hammam, No. 3
Hammam outside Abul Fazl''s House
Hawa Mahal (Jodh Bai''s Palace)
Hiran Minar
Horse stables,Camel stables &Hammam
Hospital at the corner of Birbal''s House
Hospital and latrine
Jami Masjid (Dargah)
Jodh Bai''s Palace
Karwan buidings above the Karwan Sarai
Karwan Sarai
Khanqah attached to Dargah Jami Masjid
Khas Mahal cloisters
Khatai Khana
Khush Mahal or "Hada Mahal"
Khwabagh (Khas-Mahal)
King''s Gate of the Jami Masjid
Kitchen (attached to Mariam''s Houses
Lal Darwaza
Mariam''s House
Nagina Masjid
North Gate commonly known as Zanana Rauza of the Jami Masjid
Octagonal Baoli
Pachisi Court with Dalans
Panch Mahal
Pigeon house
Poor house on the southeast angle of Jami Masjid
Ranges of building between Diwan-i-Am and the Treasury including a Hammam
Poor house (attached to Nagina Masjid)
Rang Mahal
Ruined Bath, east of the Octagonal Baol
Salim Chishti''s Tomb
Samosa Mahal, north of Abul Fazl''s House
Sangin Burj
Small Baths, north of Abul Fazl''s house
Small Masjid attached to Baha-ud-din''s Tomb
Small Masjid between Delhi Gate & Lal Darwaza
Stone Cutter''s Masjid
Sukh Tal
Sweet Tank at the back of Diwan-i-Khas
Tomb of Islam Khan
Treasury and Naubat Khana
Turkish Sultana''s House and Hammam
Viaduct across the road leading to Bharatpur
Viaduct across the road leading to Bharatpur
Viaduct across the road leading to Bharatpur
Well by Hiran Minar
46. Tomb of Sadiq Khan Gelana Agra
47. Tomb of Salabat Khan Gelana Agra
48. Dhakri-ka-Mahal Gopalpura Agra
49. Jami Masjid Itimadpur Agra
50. Jagner Fort including the Gwal Baba Temple with the Stairway leading there to and the baoli outside and below tha main gate on the hill of Jagner. Jagner Agra
51. Two gateways and the Mosque in the Jajau Sarai. Jajau Agra
52. Humayun Masjid Kachhpura Agra
53. Bara Khamba Kagarol Agra
54. Guru-ka-Tal Kakretha Agra
55. Fifty-two bullock well Khawaspur Agra
56. Kamal Khan''s Dargah Khawaspur Agra
57. Old Tila and Tasu Tila Khawaspur Agra
58. Roman Catholic Cemetery with all its tombs, Boundary Walls, gateways and gardens Lashkarpur and Sadi-ka-Nagla Agra
59. Mass of rubble and concrete said to contain tombs of Ladli Begum and her two brothers Faizi and Abul Fazl Mau Agra
60. Itibari Khan''s Mosque Near Sikandara Agra
61. Jaswant Singh-ki-Chattri
Rajwara Agra
62. Tomb of Sheikh Ibrahim
(Nephew of Salim Chishti) Rasulpur Agra
63. Akbar''s Tomb, gateway and walls round the ground. Sikandara Agra
64. Dalans on the east and south sides of the great south gate and domed structure on the west side of the same gate. Sikandara
65. Kanch Mahal, at the southeast corner of Akbar''s Tomb Sikandara
66. Mariam''s Tomb Sikandara
67. Small mosque situated in the Church Missionary Society''s compound

68. Monuments in the memory of Captain Ronald Cameron and other soldiers. Aligar Aligarh
69. Monument in memory of the brave men who fell at the hour of victory. Gangiri
70. Three Mounds Gorai Dhana, Iglas, Aligarh
71. Masjid Pilkhana Aligarh
72. Khera Mound Bajera Khera Aligarh
73. Smaller Mound Bajera Khera

74. Nagaria Khera Shahgarh Khera, Shahgarh Aligarh
75. Old Garhi or Mud Fort

Shahgarh Khera, Shahgarh Aligarh
76. Sahegarh Khera Shahgarh Khera, Shahgarh
77. Ancient site consisting of the remains of an ancient fort and an extensive Khera Sankara Aligarh
78. High isolated conical shaped mound Sankara Aligarh
79. Mound, part of which appears to be the remains of a Buddhist stupa or a temple Sankara Aligarh
80. Monument near Old Fort Tappal Aligarh
81. Tomb of Thomson Simpson
Tappal Aligarh
82. Kos Minar in field no.194/1/(191/1) Jarhaulia Auraiya
83. Kos Minar in field no. 215-1 Paighambarpur Auraiya
84. Kos Minar in field no.127 Bhagautipur Auraiya
85. Gateway Ajitma Auraiya
86. Kos Minar in field no.684 and 685, Panhar Salempur alias Sale under Revenue Mauza, Panhar Auraiya
87. Ancient mound at Kasuri Bamnauli Baghpat
88. Mound known as Parasu Ram ka Khera Alamgirpur
89. Mound known as Lakha Mandap Barnawa
90. Begum''s Masjid jor three lofty domes Aonla
91. Tomb of Hafiz-ul-Mulk Rahmet Khan, the Rohila Chief Bareilly, Bakar Ganj Bareilly
92. Tomb of Hermit Shah Dana Bareilly, BakarGanj Bareilly
93. Large obelisk of red sandstone Fateh Ganj Bareilly

94. Several ancients ruined mounds in which Indo-Scythian coins are found. Pachomi or Wahidpur Pachaumi Bareily
95. Ancient Site Ramnagar, Alampur Kot Bareilly
96. Fort Ramnagar Bareily
97. Mound called Chikatia Khera Ramnagar
98. Mound to the south of the tans known as of the Gandhan Sagar and Adisagar Ramnagar
99. Small hillock called Katari Khera or Kottari Khera Ramnagar
100. Stupa mound Ramnagar Bareilly
101. Two Buddhist mounds close to the Konwaru Tal Ramnagar
102. Site near Aonla railway station
Rehtoia Bareilly
103. Mordhaj also known as Munawar Jar with lofty mound Chandanpura
104. Fort Chandpur Bijnor
105. Mosque Chandpur Bijnor
106. Old British Cemetery Daranagar Bijnor
107. Ancient Site Daulatabad Bijnor
108. Tomb or Nawab Shujat Khan Jahanabad Bijnor
109. Jami Masjid Mandawar Bijnor
110. Well Mandawar Bijnor
111. Old Pathan Fort Nagina Bijnor
112. Cemetery of Nawab Najib-ud-Daula Najibabad Bijnor
113. Pathargarh Fort Najibabad Bijnor
114. Portion of the old Palace Najibabad Bijnor
115. Tomb of Nawab Najib-ud-Daula Najibabad Bijnor
116. Mound (Kushan king Vasudeva) Tip Bijnor
117. Dargah of Imadul Mulk alias Pisan Hari-ka-Gumbaz dated A.H. 896 Budaun Budaun
118. Jami Masjid Budaun Budaun
119. Tomb, Mohalla Behrampur, Tomb of Ikhlas Khan Budaun
120. Tomb of Makhduman Jahan, the mother of Alaudin Alam
121. Several large tumuli (Kheras) in and about Ahar. Ahar
122. Ruins of an old temple known as Chandrani-ka-Mandir Chandok
123. Balai Kot or Upper Fort Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
124. Large mound known as Moti Bazaar Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
125. Two cemeteries Bulandshahr Bulandshahr
126. Masonry tank and ancient temple Dankaur Bulandshahr

127. Ahirpura mound or lesser temple mound

Indor Bulandshahr

128. Kundanpura mound or the great temple mound Indor
129. Lofty mound with a small village perched on the east northeastern side of it. Indor
130. Khera or mound called Talapatnagari or Myaji Khera Shikarpur
131. Large Mound
Atranjikhera Etah
132. Khera Basundara
Basundra Etah
133. Large mound dividing the village into two distinct portions known as Bilsar Pachiya and Bilsar Purva. Bilsar Etah
134. Mound containing ancient relics of the Gupta period. Bilsar
135. Tombs of Colonel Gardener and his Begum Chaoni Etah
136. Remains of an old temple Malawan Etah
137. Two Mounds together with a statue, ancient sculptures and other antiquarian remains. Noh Khas and Khera Noh Etah
138. Fort Sakit Etah
139. Ruined Mosque in the old Fort Sakit Etah
140. Extensive Khera Sarai Aghat Etah
141. Sita Ramji''s temple Soron Etah
142. Remains of an old Fort Asai Khera
143. Ancient fortress and site Chakra Naga Etawah
144. Gateway Ekdil Etawah
145. Jami Masjid with its appurtenances Etawah Etawah
146. Closed cemetery at all Souls Memorial Church Fatehgarh
147. Closed cemetery at Fort Fatehgarh Farrukhabad
148. Closed cemetery at British Infantry lines Fatehgarh Farrukhabad
149. Tomb of Surgeon Thomas Hamilton Fatehgarh Farrukhabad
150. Queen Victoria Memorial Fatehgarh Farrukhabad
151. Most easterly mound of the isolated tilas Kampil Farrukhabad
Tomb of Major Robertson (now Auraiya District, hence Lucknow Circle) Karhar
153. Mosque and Saraia
Khudaganj Farrukhabad
154. Stone and its enclosure marking the place where the late Field Marshall Earl Roberts, P.C.K.G.etc. earned his Victoria Cross at the battle of Kali Nadi in 1857 situated in grave.
155. Site of an old Buddhist Vihara, Extensive mound Pakhnabihar
156. Extensive Mound Pilkhana Farrukhabad
157. Tomb of Nawab Rashid Khan Maurshida-bad Farrukhabad
158. Ancient Site Sankissa Farrukhabad
159. Tank of Naga called Karevar or Kandayat Tal Sankissa Farrukhabad
160. Tomb of Lt. Col. John Guthrie in the mud fort Thatia Farrukhabad
161. Tomb of Mohd. Khan Bangash Nawab
Farrukhabad Farrukhabad
162. Tomb of Fariduddin alias Main Fiddu Shekupur Garhi, Rapri, Shikhohabad

163. Tomb of Nasiruddin Shekupur Garhi, Rapri, Shikhohabad
164. Tomb of Nizammuddin Rapri, Shikhohabad Firozabad
165. Idgah Rapri, Shikhohabad Firozabad
166. Archaeological Site & Remains comprised in Survey Plot Nos. 736, 738/2, 738/3 & parts of Survey Plot Nos. 737, 738 / 1 and 738 / 1 and 738 / 4 as shown in the site plan Gulistanpur
167. Raja Karan ka khera Paragana put, Mustafabad, Ghaziabad
168. Monument near Kilah railway station Hathras Hathras
169. Remains of an old Hindu temple inside the Dayaram''s fort Hathras Hathras
170. Small circular mound Lakhnu Hathras
171. Mound Lakhnu Hathras
172. Monument of Major Robert Naim Pipalgaon Hathras
173. Monument in the memory of Samuel Anderson Nichterlein Sasni Hathras
174. Mound known as Gohana Khera Sasni Hathras
175. Well or Baoli known as Bah-ka-Kuan Amroha Jyotibha Phule Nagar
176. Talib Khan''s Tomb Azampur Jyotibha Phule Nagar
177. Tomb of Abdul Ghafur Shah Azampur Jyotibha Phule Nagar
178. Tomb of the grand son of Abdul Ghafur Shah and Mosque Azampur Jyotibha Phule Nagar
179. Unknown Tomb Chaudhariapur Kannauj
180. Tomb of Sergeant, instructor of Musketry James Norfolk Gursahaiganj Kannauj
181. Bala Pir Tomb Kannauj Kannauj
182. Big Mosque Kannauj Kannauj
183. Kachhiriwala tomb Kannauj Kannauj
184. Mosque and the tomb of Makhdum Jahanian Kannauj Kannauj
185. Mound known as Old Fort Kannauj Kannauj
186. Outer gateway Kannauj Kannauj
187. Small mosque west of Bala Pir Kannauj Kannauj
188. Small inner gateway Kannauj Kannauj
189. Tomb of Sheikh Mohammad Mehdi Kannauj Kannauj
190. Zanana Gumbad Kannauj Kannauj
191. Closed cemetery Mainpur Mainpuri
192. Ancient site Bajna Mathura
193. Pillar with Sanskrit inscription dated samvat 1666 in the flanking tower at the Bhanakaur tank Barsana Mathura
194. Mound (Barse ka Tila) Bhadar Mathura
195. Temple of Govind Deo Brindaban Mathura
196. Temple of Jugal Kishore Brindaban Mathura
197. Temple of Madan Mohan Brindaban Mathura
198. Temple of Radha Ballabh Brindaban Mathura
199. Akbari Sarai Chhatta Mathura
200. Kos Minar, Mile 19 Furlong 1 Chhatta Mathura
201. Kos Minar, Mile 24 Furlong 3 Chhatta Mathura
202. Kos Minar, Mile 26 Furlong 7 Chhatta Mathura
203. Kos Minar, Mile 29 Furlong 4 Chhatta Mathura
204. Two mounds, the second mound is known as Singer Tila Ganesra Mathura
205. Kos Minar Gohari Mathura
206. Mound Jaisinghpura
207. Fortified Sarai with all its walls and gateways Kosi Mathura
208. Small mound locally known as Chavar Kosi Mathura
209. Mound Kota Mathura
210. Mound marking the Old Fort Mahaban Mathura
211. Ancient Site containing fragments of images
Mat Mathura
212. Ancient sculptures, carvings, images, bas-reliefs, inscriptions, stones and like objects Mathura Mathura
213. Gayatri mound Mathura Mathura
214. Girdharpur mound Mathura Mathura
215. Gopal Khera Mathura Mathura
216. Kankali tila, Jain and Chaubara Mound Mathura Mathura
217. Kos Minar on the circular road Mathura Mathura
218. Palikhera Mound Mathura Mathura
219. Portions of Katra Mound which are not in the possession of Nazul tenants on which formerly stood a temple of Kehsavadeva which was dismantled and the site utilised for the mosque of Aurangzeb Mathura Mathura
220. Sati Burz, supposed to commemorate the Sati of the widow of Raja Biharmal of Jaipur erected by her son Raja Bhagwandas in A.D. 1570 Mathura Mathura
221. Site of ancient Pokhar (Pushkarini) Mathura Mathura
222. Ahalyaganj Mound Mathura-Brindaban road Mathura
223. Chamunda Tila Mathura-Brindaban road Mathura
224. Kos Minar, Mile 3, Furlong 5.175 from the boundary Mathura-Delhi road Mathura

225. Kos Minar, Mile 11, Furlong 5 (west of Chamah village) Mathura-Delhi road Mathura
226. Kos Minar, opposite to mile 13, Furlong 1 from road Mathura-Delhi road Mathura
227. Kos Minar, Mile 116, 400 yards from road Mathura-Delhi road
228. Kos Minar in the beginning of Dig road Mathura-Dig road Mathura
229. Ancient Site Mora Mathura
230. Extensive site containing a high mound apparently a fort with ramparts and corner turrets Shahpur Ghosana Mathura
231. Mound Sonauth Janubi Mathura
232. Ancient Mound
Adinga Mathura
233. Ancient Mound (Hathi Tila ) near Kishori Raman college Kesopur Menoharpur Mathura
234. Queen Victoria Memorial Mathura Mathura
235. Cemetery at the junction of Meerut - Delhi Road At the junction of Meerut-Delhi road Meerut
236. Mound known as Ulta Khera and the mound or Raghunathji Hastinapur Meerut
237. Andhra Court, a high brick fortress supposed to have been built by Mahi Meerut Meerut

238. Cemetery of the Meerut racecourse Meerut Meerut
239. Tomb of Shah Peer Meerut Meerut
240. Begum''s Palace Sardhana Meerut
241. Roman Catholic Church Sardhana Meerut
242. Tombs or Sardhana Cemetery Sardhana Meerut
243. Two mounds (Kheras) named Khorkali and Jalapar Servara Meerut
244. Amarpati Khera Alipur Moradabad
245. Chandesvara Khera Bemi Moradabad
246. Khera or Mound reputed to be the ruin or a palace Raja Vena Berni Moradabad
247. Large mound, the site of an ancient temple Bherabharatpur Moradabad
248. Old Fort and its relics Firozpur Moradabad
249. Ancient Mound Gumthal Khera Moradabad
250. Large Mound Karvar Moradabad
251. Jami Masjid Sambhal Moradabad
252. Mound Sarthal Khera Moradabad
253. Gateway of Karwan Sarai Sondhan Muhammadpur Moradabad
254. Mosque of Karwan Sarai Sondhan Muhammadpur Moradabad
255. Mosque and Tomb of Shah Abdul Razak and his four sons Jinhana Muzaffar
256. Octagonal Wall Majhera Muzaffar
257. Tomb of Diwan Saiyed Mohammad Khan Majhera Muzaffar
258. Tomb Saiyed Hussain also called Sayed Chajju Khan Majhera Muzaffar
259. Tomb of Saiyed Umar Nur Khan Majhera Muzaffar
260. . Tomb of Saiyed Saif Khan and his mother Majhera Muzaffar
261. Jami Masjid Pilibhit Pilibhit
262. Badshahi Bagh locally known as Badshahi Mahal Badshahi Mahal Saharanpur
263. Khera ki Bandi Lodhipur Saharanpur
264. Old British Cemetery, Khata Khedi Saharanpur Saharanpur
265. Old British Cemetery, Saharanpur City

Saharanpur Saharanpur

266. Ancient Site Sringraur Sringverpura Allahabad
267. Tomb of Salar Saifuddin alias Surkhru Salar Bahraich Bahraich
268. Large brick strewn khera being the ruins of an apparently Buddhist city Chandra or Chardah Bahraich
269. Khera said to be the ruins of one of the principal cities of Raja Karna of the Mahabharata Hathi Kund Bahraich
270. Tomb of Rajab Sajar alias Hatila Salar Shahpur Jote Yusuf Bahraich
271. Domes and buildings inside the inner enclosure including ther ancient walls of the inner enclosure of Saiyid Salar Masud''s celebrated dargah Singha Parasi Bahraich
272. Mound locally known as Ora Jhar situated on the road from Balrampur near the ancient remains of Sahet-Mahet (Sravasti) Ghooghulpur Balrampur
273. Mound locally known as Penahia Jhar situated on the road from Balrampur near the Ancient remains of Saheth-Maheth (Sravasti) Ghooghulpur Balrampur
274. Mound locally known as Kharahua Jhar situated on the road from Balrampur near the Ancient remains of Saheth-Maheth (Sravasti) Ghooghulpur Balrampur
275. Baithak Akbai Banda
276. Closed cemetery, Katra Naka Banda Banda
277. Jami Masjid Banda Banda
278. Monument in memory of General whitelock''s Force Banda Banda
279. Baoli Bhawanipur Banda
280. Approaches to Kalinjar Fort Kalinjar Banda
281. Fort of Kalinjar, together with the parapet walls, with the gateways and the monuments inside it, Viz.
Sita Kunda,
Sita Sez,
Pandu Kund,
Linga temple of Nilakantha etc.

Kalinjar Banda
282. Remains of the old fort with its seven gateways. A temple of Mahadeo and an inscribed stone in Sanskrit lying on the foot and approaches to the same Kalinjar Banda
283. Two inscriptions, one dated 1520, the other undated on a large basalt rock close to the bank of the Paisuni river
Ansuya ji Chitrakut
284. Closed cemetery Bargarh Chitrakut
285. Temple Bargarh Chitrakut
286. Remains of a temple, circa 10th century AD locally called Bhar Deul Barha-Kotra Chitrakut
287. Small temple with a sanctum and a flat roof Barha-Kotra Chitrakut
288. Two large caves known as Rikhian Barha-Kotra Chitrakut
289. Remains of a small Chandella temple Birpur Chitrakut
290. Two Chandella temples standing together on the same platform Gonda Chitrakut
291. Remains of an old Chandella temple Dadhwa, Rampur & Manpur Chitrakut
292. Balari Nath Gulrampur Chitrakut
293. Two temples Gulrampur Chitrakut
294. City cemetery Karwi Chitrakut
295. Stone temple Ganesh Bagh one mile south-east of Karwi Chitrakut
296. Temple In the Centre of a tank near the Jail Chitrakut
297. Ruins of an old Jain temple called Haihaiti Mandir together with fragments of statues about the fort of the hill Koh Chitrakut
298. Ruins of some Jain Temples Lauri of Lokhari Chitrakut
299. Manikpur cantonment cemetery Manikpur Chitrakut
300. Fort with the fortification walls and the three ruined Jain temples and one ruined Hindu temple inside the fort Marpha Chitrakut
301. Two ruined temples Mau Chitrakut
302. Inscribed statue of Chandella period under a pipal tree Pura Chitrakut
303. Ruins of a large linga temple of the Chandella type Pura Chitrakut
304. Priest’s house Ramnagar Chitrakut
305. Remains of a large temple Ramnagar Chitrakut
306. Ruins of a large Chandella temple Ramnagar Chitrakut
307. Group of ruins, the principal object of which is the entrance door of a temple Rasin Chitrakut
308. Remains of an old fort and a disused temple Devi Chandra Maheshwari Rasin Chitrakut
309. Rock hewn tank, close to the temple of Chandi Maheshwari Rasin Chitrakut
310. Several Sati pillars with a large standing female figure holding a child in her left arm Rasin Chitrakut
311. Temple of Chandi Maheshwari Rasin Chitrakut
312. Two large caves in the middle of a hillock with broken sculptures scattered about Rauli Chitrakut
313. Mound called chauki Aphui Fatehpur
314. Monument in the memory of A. Blakely
Asafpur Fatehpur
315. Large mound covered with broken bricks and pottery Asni Fatehpur
316. Extensive brick-strewn mound Asothar Fatehpur
317. Smaller mound bearing five large Digamber Jain figures which people call the five Pandavas Asothar Fatehpur
318. Emperor Aurangzeb''s Pavilion Bagh Badshahi (Khajuha) Fatehpur
319. Entire compound known as Bagh Badshahi Bagh Badshahi (Khajuha) Fatehpur
320. Temple Bahua Fatehpur
321. Four massive masonry pillars containing stone tablets with inscriptions in Urdu and Hindi representing translations of the Ten Commandments and some verses from Saint John''s Gospel, on the Grand Trunk Road just opposite the Public Works Department Inspection House on the western outskirts of the town Fatehpur Fatehpur
322. Square sand-stone pillar bearing an inscription of Mahipaladeva dated Samvat 974 in the Municipal Garden attached to the Town Hall Fatehpur Fatehpur
323. The collection of miscellaneous antiquities from different parts of the District grouped round the Asni Pillar of Mahipaladeva in the Municipal garden attached to the Town Hall Fatehpur Fatehpur
324. Hathikhana mosque or Jaichandi mosque Hathgaon Fatehpur
325. Circular mound, the site of a temple Khairai Fatehpur
326. Extensive mound called Garhi Khairai Fatehpur
327. Monument in the memory of T.S.Powell, Col. Kunwarpur Fatehpur
328. Four temples Kurari Fatehpur
329. Ruins of a fort built by Jaya Chandra Kutila Fatehpur
330. Old Fort Nahar Khor Fatehpur
331. Old Fort Paina Kalan Fatehpur
332. Extensive ruins of an ancient fortified town said to be a stronghold of the Chandella Paina Fatehpur
333. Mound with many pieces of stone sculptures collected upon them Ren Fatehpur
334. Ruined temple Saton Fatehpur
335. Two brick Temples Sirthar Amauli Fatehpur
336. Two temples Thithaura Fatehpur
337. Extensive mound and a group of Hindu Sculptures Tiksariya Fatehpur
338. Temple Tindauli Fatehpur
339. Certain mounds covered with broken statues and sculptures Kadhwa Hamirpur
340. Closed British Cemetery Kaitha Hamirpur
341. Jain Temple mounds covered with broken bricks etc. and three kheras near them viz, Ladhanpur, Mirzapur and Itara Sumerpur Hamirpur
342. Major Robert''s Tomb Baramau Hardoi
343. Brick mound locally called Bhankargarh Gandwa Hardoi
344. High irregular khera covered with broken bricks and sculptures Hardoi Hardoi
345. Mound known as Kalhaur or Killo Kalhaur Hardoi
346. Memorial tomb

Khasaura Hardoi
347. Large dih covered with broken bricks and pottery crowned with a small ruined temple of the 19th century AD Kherwa & Kajhgaon Hardoi
348. Memorial cemetery Madhavganj Hardoi
349. Well near the Dargah of Makhdum Shah Mallawan Hardoi
350. Large ruined site called Sandi Khera Pali Hardoi
351. Tomb of Nawab of Sadar Johan Pihani Hardoi
352. Ancient mound Pahunchina Khera (Lakhamapur) Hardoi
353. Phulmati Sandi Hardoi
354. Maqbara of Nawab Diler Khan Shahabad Hardoi
355. Sanskrit Inscription of Samvat 1672 on the Chauknanda of Rupan Guru Akbarpur or Ataura Jalaun
356. Cemetery Jalaun Jalaun
357. Chaurasi Tomb of Lodhi Shah Badshah Kalpi Jalaun
358. Closed Cemetery Kalpi Jalaun
359. Piece of fort wall on the north-east scarp with its circular bastion Kalpi Jalaun
360. Small domed building carried on six pillars immediately near to the P.W.D. Rest House Kalpi Jalaun
361. Cemetery Kunch Jalaun
362. Dome on twelve pillars called Bara Khamba traditionally ascribed to the commander of Prithviraja Kunch Jalaun
363. Mosque Orai Jalaun
364. Ruins of a large temple of the Chandella period Bangama Jhansi
365. Gandai Temple Barua-sagar Jhansi
366. Ghugua-ka-math Barua-sagar Jhansi
367. Jarai-ka-math Barua-sagar Jhansi
368. Jarao-ka-Marhia Barua-sagar Jhansi
369. Tank Barua-sagar Jhansi
370. Jama Masjid Erich Jhansi
371. Gharao-ka-math Gharao Jhansi
372. Memorial cemetery, south of fort on Phuta Darwaza Jhansi Jhansi
373. Monument of Major F.W. Pinkney, situated on the hillock near the premises of Messers Eduljee Boyce & Co. Jhansi Jhansi
374. Sikhara-roofed temple called Marhia and dedicated to Gond baba Khojra Jhansi
375. Remains of a Chandella temple Kishni Khurd Jhansi
376. Chandela Temple Pachwara (Gahras) Jhansi
377. Ruins of a large Chandella Temple containing a well preserved statue of Vishnu Patha-Sagauli Jhansi
378. Gunner Burkill''s Tomb Ragoon Jhansi
379. Chandela Temple Sakrar Jhansi
380. Ruined temple at the upper end of Rai Tal on the banks of which is a roundish boulder containing two inscriptions of Samvat 1604 and 1608 Sirwabaran Jhansi
381. Rani Lakshmi Bai Mahal Jhansi Jhansi
382. Chhatari of Raja Gangaghar Rao alongwith tank Dariapur Jhansi
383. Jhansi Fort Jhansi Jhansi
384. Remains of an old Chandella temple Marha Jhansi
385. Temple Marha Jhansi
386. Mound Bithoor Kanpur
387. Lona cross Garden Kanpur Kanpur
388. Katcheri Cemetery Kanpur Kanpur
389. Memorial well garden Kanpur Kanpur
390. Sawada Kothi, Monument including flight of steps with the surrounding pateau Kanpur Kanpur
391. Subedar-ka-Talab Cemetery Kanpur Kanpur
392. Wheeler''s Entrechment Kanpur Kanpur
393. Kos Minar Khalaspur Kanpur
394. Three images of Lakshmana, Ganesh and Vishnu lying in the cells or each side of the doorway of the temple of Jagannatha and a Gupta pillar lying in the compound of the temple and other images Behta Kanpur Dehat
395. Ancient brick temple Bhitargaon Kanpur Dehat
396. Mound of ruins covered with large bricks and broken figures Bhitargaon Kanpur Dehat
397. Kos Minar Bhognipur Kanpur Dehat
398. Kos Minar Bhognipur Kanpur Dehat
399. Tank near the tomb of Sandal Shah Bichhiapur Kanpur Dehat
400. Temple known as Phulmati Devi Bihupur Kanpur Dehat
401. Kos Minar Chaparghata Kanpur Dehat
402. Kos Minar Deosar Kanpur Dehat
403. Fragment of a pillar Dumapur Kanpur Dehat
404. Kos Minar Gour Kanpur Dehat
405. Kos Minar Gour Kanpur Dehat

406. Kos Minar Halia Kanpur Dehat
407. Kos Minar Jallapur Sikandara Kanpur Dehat
408. Ancient brick temple Kanchilipur Kanpur Dehat
409. Two ancient brick temple Khurda Kanpur Dehat
410. Mound and the ancient pillar in a modern domed chamber together with the stone cock lying in the front of it Lala Bhagat Kanpur Dehat
411. Kos Minar Pailwaru Kanpur Dehat
412. Temple known as ''Mahadeo Baba'' Parauli Kanpur Dehat
413. Kos Minar Pitampur Kanpur Dehat
414. Kos Minar Raigawan Kanpur Dehat
415. Kos Minar Rajpur Kanpur Dehat
416. Kos Minar Sankhiln Buzurg Kanpur Dehat
417. Kos Minar Sardarpur Kanpur Dehat
418. Sanskrit inscription in the well of Gayadin Sukal Subhanpur Kanpur Dehat
419. Brick temple at Nebia Khera Bhadwara Kanpur Dehat
420. British Monuments Aurangabad Kheri
421. Dilapidated Bundela temple with a colossal statue of Tirthankar called linga with two short inscriptions Banpur Lalitpur
422. Ganesh Khera, an ancient site with a large elephant headed God Banpur Lalitpur
423. Jain Temple Banpur Lalitpur
424. Maniktila Banpur Lalitpur
425. Pali Khera Banpur Lalitpur
426. Three temples, two of Vishnu and one of Linga Mahadeva of Gondwani type
Bhadona Lalitpur
427. Temple of the Chandella period built mostly of granite Bharauli Lalitpur
428. Temple of Sun God Budhni Lalitpur
429. Bilmori Chandpur Lalitpur
430. Inscription slab of 13th century Chandpur Lalitpur
431. Inscription slab dated samvat 1325 Chandpur Lalitpur
432. Jain temple Chandpur Lalitpur
433. Jhammer Chandpur Lalitpur
434. Sahasra Linga Chandpur Lalitpur
435. Small temple in the Jungle Chandpur Lalitpur
436. Two monolithic pillars Chandpur Lalitpur
437. Varaha, Inscribed column and ruined shrines Chandpur Lalitpur
438. Vishnu and Lakshmi Narayan shrines Chandpur Lalitpur
439. Vishnu temple known as Phandaria Chandpur Lalitpur
440. Small flat-roofed fane sacred to Mahadeva Dasraran Lalitpur
441. Half-fallen lane of Chandi having a shrine and a porch Daulatpur Lalitpur
442. Large slab of the seven Mothers with Ganesha lying on the bed of the valley below the temple Chandi Daulatpur Lalitpur
443. Ghats
Deogarh Lalitpur
444. Gupta Temple
Deogarh Lalitpur
445. Jain temples in Deogarh fort Deogarh Lalitpur
446. Large temples Deogarh Lalitpur
447. Varaha temple Deogarh Lalitpur
448. Sikhara-roofed temple known as Kathoylan Mithla Deongoul Lalitpur
449. Small temple with broken sikhara known as Chaturbhuji Deongoul Lalitpur
450. Temple of Bhavani Deongoul Lalitpur
451. Sati slab showing three-headed Mahadeva on the top and fighting scenes below Dhongra Lalitpur
452. Small temple of Sankhanath or Santanatha Dhongra Lalitpur
453. Akhara Dudhai Lalitpur
454. Bajrang Dudhai Lalitpur
455. Banbaba Dudhai Lalitpur
456. Bania-ki-Barat Dudhai Lalitpur
457. Chhatri with Varaha Dudhai Lalitpur
458. Jain temples Dudhai Lalitpur
459. Larger Surang Dudhai Lalitpur
460. Lesser Surang Dudhai Lalitpur
461. Linga or Mahadeva Dudhai Lalitpur
462. Rock-cut Narasimha Dudhai Lalitpur
463. Temples Dudhai Lalitpur
464. Two small temples of the Godwani type of which one is sacred to Gond baba and the other to Mahadeva Dudhai Lalitpur
465. Varaha near tank Dudhai Lalitpur
466. Two temples and several relics Gurha Khera Lalitpur
467. Northern temple consisting of a shrine and a porch sacred to Mahadeva or Linga, an inscription of Samvat 1014 over the lintel Gurha Lalitpur
468. Temples dedicated to Vishnu Gurha Lalitpur
469. Kuraiya Bir Temple Kuchdon Lalitpur
470. Bansa Building of Firozshah''s time Lalitpur Lalitpur
471. Champa Marh Madanpur Lalitpur
472. Jain Group of temples Madanpur Lalitpur
473. Large temple in front of Panch Marhia Madanpur Lalitpur
474. Modi Marh Madanpur Lalitpur
475. Mundi Marh Madanpur Lalitpur
476. Panch Marhia Madanpur Lalitpur
477. Temple at Mahadeva Madanpur Lalitpur
478. Temples (Bari & Chotti Kacheries) Madanpur Lalitpur
479. Two small temples, one of which is sacred to the mother of Mahavira Madanpur Lalitpur
480. Ruined temple The sanctum site has a statue of Trimurti
Markhera Lalitpur
481. Tall Sati-slab called a Caza bearing an inscription of Samvat 1348 Markhera Lalitpur
482. Temple Markhera Lalitpur
483. Temple site Markhera Lalitpur
484. Temple of Neelkantha Pali Lalitpur
485. Overhanging rock with some pre-historic sculptured bordering the Jamini Valley Panduon Lalitpur
486. Remains of a large Vishnu temple Satgato Lalitpur
487. Jain Temple and a Torana or Gateway Sironi Khurd Lalitpur
488. Slab containing a Kutila inscription of 46 lines of the reign of Mahendrapaldeva in the compound of Santinatha''s temple Sironi Khurd Lalitpur
489. Torana or gateway situated outside the compound of modern Jain Temple Sironi Khurd Lalitpur
490. Temple Sonrai Lalitpur
491. Small temple with three figures of Vishnu in the niches outside Surabad Lalitpur
492. Fort Talbehat Lalitpur
493. Temple of Mahadeva Vijapur Lalitpur
494. Mounds covered with bricks Arjunpur and Rukhara Lucknow
495. Cemetery Bargawan Lucknow
496. Cemeteries Jahraila Road Lucknow
497. Amjad Ali Shah''s Mausoleum Hazratganj Lucknow
498. Bibiapur House Cantonment Lucknow
499. British Cemetery at Chiria jhil Sapru Marg Lucknow
500. Buildings, north-west of Dilkusha Palace Cantonment Lucknow
501. Cemetery at Alambagh Lucknow Lucknow
502. Cemetery at Dilkusha Lucknow Lucknow
503. Cemetery at Gaughat
Lucknow Lucknow
504. Cemetery near Kaisar Pasand Lucknow Lucknow
505. Cemetery near Fort Machi Bhawan Lucknow Lucknow
506. Cemetery in Raja Incha Singh''s compound Lucknow Lucknow
507. Cemetery on La-Martiniere Road Lucknow Lucknow
508. Cemetery at Vilayat Bagh Lucknow Lucknow
509. Dargah Hazrat Abbas Lucknow Lucknow
510. Dianut-ud-daula''s Karbala Lucknow Lucknow
511. General wali Kothi Lucknow Lucknow
512. Ibrahim Chisti''s Tomb Lucknow Lucknow
513. Imambara Amin-ud-daula Lucknow Lucknow
514. Imambara of Asaf-ud-daula Lucknow Lucknow
515. Jama Masjid near Hussainabad Lucknow Lucknow
516. Kaiser Bagh Gates Lucknow Lucknow
517. Kalan-ki-Lat at adjoining cemetery in Faquir Mohammad Khan ka Hata Lucknow Lucknow
518. Karbala of Tal Katora Lucknow Lucknow
519. Kaz-Main Buildings Lucknow Lucknow
520. Mulka Jahan''s Karbala Lucknow Lucknow
521. Masjid connected with Asaf-ud-daula Lucknow Lucknow
522. Monuments of Ninety-third Highlanders Lucknow Lucknow
523. Nadan Mahal Lucknow Lucknow
524. Nasir-ud-din Haider''s Karbala in Daliganj Lucknow Lucknow
525. Neil''s Gate Lucknow Lucknow
526. Old Palace at Dilkusha Lucknow Lucknow
527. Picture Gallery Hussainabad Baradari Lucknow Lucknow
528. Residency Buildings Lucknow Lucknow
529. Rumi Darwaza Lucknow Lucknow
530. Sapper''s Tomb Lucknow Lucknow
531. Sikander Bagh Building Lucknow Lucknow
532. Sikchawali Kothi Lucknow Lucknow
533. Tahsin Ali''s Mosque Lucknow Lucknow
534. Tomb of Gazi-ud-din Haider Lucknow Lucknow
535. Tomb of Janab Aliya Lucknow Lucknow
536. Tomb known as Char Khamba Lucknow Lucknow
537. Tomb at Lotan Bagh Lucknow Lucknow
538. Tomb of Mohammad Ali Shah Lucknow Lucknow
539. Tomb at Musabagh Lucknow Lucknow
540. Tomb of Mushir Zadi, wife of Saadat Ali Khan Lucknow Lucknow
541. Tomb of Saadat Ali Khan Lucknow Lucknow
542. Two Cemeteries Lucknow Lucknow
543. Victoria Memorial Lucknow Lucknow
544. Three Tombs Lucknow Faizabad Road at miles 3 and 5 Lucknow
545. Two Cemeteries Lucknow Faizabad Raod at mile 4 Lucknow
546. Cemeteries Lucknow-Kanpur Road at mile 13 Lucknow
547. Cemetery Lucknow - Rae Barelli Road at mile 6 Lucknow
548. Cemetery Marion Lucknow
549. Memorial pillar marking the site of the pre-Mutiny Residency in the old Mariaon Cantonment Mahibullapur Lucknow
550. Mound Nagarm Lucknow
551. Mound Paharnagar Lucknow
552. Mound Takuria Lucknow
553. Bridge over the Beta river and temple attached to it Tikait Ganj Lucknow
554. Four Chandella temples and small masonry tank Akona Mahoba
555. Chakariya Dai carving of a women with a child in her arm Bagwa Mahoba
556. Ruins of two granite temple Charna Mahoba
557. Small mound locally known as Bhainsasur with a ruined temple on the summit and old statue inside it

Chukta Mahoba
558. Brahm Tal, an extensive tank with embankment On this embankment is a ruined Chandella temple lake and the ruins of a baithak Kabraia Mahoba
559. Ruins of a palace on a hill Kulpahar Mahoba
560. Foundation of Temple Madau Mahoba Mahoba
561. Granite pillar Mahoba Mahoba
562. Five life-sized elephant statues Mahoba Mahoba
563. Jama Masjid Mahoba Mahoba
564. Lake of Kirat Sagar Mahoma Mahoba
565. Lake of Madan Sagar Mahoma Mahoba
566. Lake of Vijaya Sagar Mahoba Mahoba
567. Palace of Raja Paramardi Deva or Parmal Mahoba Mahoba
568. Small stone pillar called Alha-ki-Lat Mahoba Mahoba
569. Temple of Khakra-Math in the middle of Madan Sagar Mahoba Mahoba
570. Twenty-four rock-hewn images of the Tirthankara with Inscriptions dated Samavt 1206 Mahoba Mahoba
571. Makarbai Temple Makarbai Mahoba
572. Ruins of a large granite temple Makarbai Mahoba
573. Two ruined granite temples Luhari Mahoba
574. Old well with an inscription of Samvat 755 Parapbari Mahoba
575. Large tank Patkari Mahoba
576. Rahiliya temple Rahiliya Mahoba
577. Large Chandella tank on the embankment on which stands a large ruined temple of the earliest Chandella type Rawatpur Mahoba
578. Smaller temple of which the dome has fallen Rawatpur Mahoba
579. Sijari Temple Sijari Mahoba
580. Tank called Baratal with an Island bearing the ruins of a large Chandella temple Srinagar Mahoba
581. Brahmanical temple Sukora Mahoba
582. Jain temple Sukora Mahoba
583. Temple, a flat-roofed building Urwara Mahoba
584. Fort Gate Rae Bareli Rae Bareli
585. Sai Bridge Rae Bareli –Pratapgarh road Rae Bareli
586. Siva Temple
Rajmau Rae Bareli
587. Site and stupa and monastery of the Sakyas Piprahwa Siddharth Nagar
588. Ancient Site Pipri Siddharth Nagar
589. Ancient Site Tola Ganwaria in Birdpur frontier road Siddharth Nagar
590. Ancient Site Tola Salrgarh south-west of Siswa Tal near Nepal - India border Siddharth Nagar
591. Ancient Site VillageBirdpur No.1,Tola Thankurpur (on the west of Salya stupa)

Siddharth Nagar
592. The site of Sahet Mahet measuring 286.026 acres in the Bahraich district (now Sravasti Nagar district) and 123.93 acres in the Gonda district (now Balrampur district) Sahet-Mahet Sravasti Nagar
593. Ancient site near the village of Bhitti
Bhitti Sravasti Nagar
594. Mound known as Kutti Behari Das Ikauna (Chakra) Bhandar (Sahet Mahet) Sravasti Nagar
595. Mound known as Kutti Satruhan Das Ikauna (Chakra) Bhandar (Sahet Mahet) Sravasti Nagar

596. Mound known as Bani Nath Mahadeo Ikauna (Chakra) Bhandar (Sahet Mahet) Sravasti Nagar
597. Mound of brick ruins Tandwa Sravasti Nagar
598. Small round shaped mound Tandwa Sravasti Nagar
599. Tomb of Qurban Mohammad Banger Mau Unnao
600. Monuments of Captains Wilsons and Jones and eleven privated of 13th Infantry Azamgarh Azamgarh
601. Mutiny Monuments Azamgarh Azamgarh
602. Old British Cemetery Azamgarh Azamgarh
603. Ancient site called Garba-ka-kot or Rajbhar-ka-lot Garhwa Azamgarh
604. Ancient Site measuring 7acres and 800 links in Khasra No. 384 Garhwa Azamgarh
605. Tomb of Abhiman Mehnagar Azamgarh
606. Incribed stone Pillar Pakri Azamgarh
607. A banya Grove containing traces of ancient building Amavey Ballia
608. Long Mound Bairant Chandauli
609. Small conical mound of ruins called Devi-ka-sthan Bairant Chandauli
610. Ancient site consisting of ruined fort Bairant Chandauli
611. Large rectangular shaped mound Bairant Chandauli
612. Large mound of brick ruins Dhanapur Chandauli
613. Three sites with megaliths on the western and north eastern of the hill Hathinia Hill Chandauli
614. Conical Stupa-shaped mound Amaoni Deoria
615. Inscribed Monolith of rough grey sand stone remains locally known as ''Lat'' or ''Gada'' of Parasram
Bhagalpur Deoria
616. Inscribed stone pillar Kahaon (ancient Kakubha) Deoria
617. Two ruined Temples Kahaon Deoria
618. Circular shaped mound and the remains of a stupa Chetiaon Kushinagar
619. Large dih or mound Chetiaon Kushinagar
620. Large flat-topped mound of ruins called Jharmatiya Chetiaon Kushinagar
621. Mound of Brick ruins called Asmanpur dih Chetiaon Kushinagar
622. Mound of ruins called Sareya
Chetiaon Kushinagar
623. Mound in eastern extension of the stupa site at S.No.3 Chetiaon Kushinagar
624. Ancient site known as Fazilnagar ka kot Fazilnnagar Kushinagar
625. Ancient Site Khukhunda and Sajhwar Deori
626. Long low mound of ruins Khukhunda Deori
627. Extensive mound Sohnag Deoria
628. Dih or mound apparently the remains of a Buddhist stupa Tarakulwa Deoria
629. Ancient Site Rudarpur Deoria
630. High square shaped mound Rudarpur Deoria
631. Mound known as Masaon-Dih Aonrihar Ghazipur
632. Bridge on the Ganga Nadi Bhimapur Ghazipur
633. Bhitari Gupta-pillar with an inscription of Skanda-Gupta standing in the ruined fort Bhitari Ghazipur
634. Entire ruined fort enclosure with projecting tower at the corners and numbrows mound Bhitari Ghazipur
635. Remains of the Gupta period Bhitari Ghazipur
636. Mound of ruins with remains of temples and other buildings Dildarnagar Ghazipur
637. Dih or mound of ruins called Suiri-ka-Raj Ghazipur Ghazipur
638. Lord Cornwallis Tomb Ghazipur Ghazipur
639. Stone lat or pillar standing on the Western end of a mound of brick ruins and the capital the pillar lying on the ground closeby. Latiya Ghazipur
640. High Khera Masaondi Ghazipur
641. Mound of ruins Masaondi Ghazipur
642. Two statues representing Varaha or the Boar incarnation and Krishan with Gopis Saidpur Ghazipur
643. Extensive brick-builder Shaikhanpur Ghazipur
644. Extensive remains of a very large cient city Barhi Gorakhpur
645. A Series of enormous mounds Barhiapur or Bhadar Khas Gorakhpur
646. Three high conical mounds of brick which are evidently the ruins of stupas Chaora Gorakhpur
647. Extensive Mound Gopalpur Gorakhpur
648. Large and high mound, the ruins of the ancient Domangarh Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
649. Ancient site covered with mounds of brick ruins and containing an ancient masonry well Gugaha Gorakhpur
650. Atala Masjid
Jaunpur Jaunpur
651. Cemetery of seven kings of teh Sharqi Dynasty Jaunpur Jaunpur
652. Fort
Jaunpur Jaunpur
653. Hamam or Turkish Bath in the Old Fort
Jaunpur Jaunpur
654. Jhanjhari Masjid
Jaunpur Jaunpur
655. Juma Masjid Jaunpur Jaunpur
656. Khalis Mukhalis or Chan Ungli Masjid Jaunpur Jaunpur
657. Khanqah or tombs of Sharqi kings of Jaunpur and the chamber for the royal mourner Jaunpur Jaunpur
658. Lal masjid (Lal Darwaja) Jaunpur Jaunpur
659. Qalich Khan ka Maqbara Jaunpur Jaunpur
660. Rouza of Shah Firoz Jaunpur Jaunpur
661. Stone group of a gigantic lion standing on a small elephant. It is lying on Akbar''s bridge. Jaunpur Jaunpur
662. Tomb of Nawab Ghazi Khan Jaunpur Jaunpur
663. Gateway of Hazrat Chirag-i-Hiud''s Palace Zafrabad Jaunpur
664. Sheikh Burhan''s Mosque Zafrabad Jaunpur
665. Walls of the old Kankar Fort of Jayachandra Zafrabad Jaunpur
666. Large mound covered with broken bricks and a few statues Padrauna Kushinagar
667. Mound of brick ruins Sahiya Kushinagar
668. 1) Alofty mound of solid brick work, called deisthan or Rambhar Bhavani
2) An oblong mound mound called the fort of Matha Kuar which is covered with broken bricks and on which stands a much ruined brick stupa, a large statue of buddha, the ascetic; a colossal statue representing Buddha''s Nirvan
3) A low square mound covered with broken bricks near the barrows scattered over plain to the north and east of the great mound Kasia Kushinagar
669. Ancient Site Ghosi Mau
670. Several caves in the Top Hill Adhesar Mirza pur
671. Ruined Stone Fort Lalitpur Ahraura Mirza pur
672. Bhardari Devi ka Pahar containing Asokan inscription Ahravrakhas Mirza pur
673. Remains of Three Small Linga Temple circa 1000AD. Ahugi Mirza pur
674. Ruins of a Saiva Temple Ahugi Mirza pur
675. Mound known as Sangram Sahi-ki--Pahari Bhagdewar Mirza pur
676. Cave called khoh containing two early Kutila inscriptions on the rock inside Bhulli Mirza pur
677. Inscribed Pillar Belkhara Mirza pur
678. British Cemetery Chunar Mirza pur
679. Durga Khoh Chunar Mirza pur
680. Inscribed slab Halliya Mirza pur
681. British Cemetery Mirza pur Mirza pur
682. Iftekhar Khan''s Tomb Saryan Sikandarpur Mirza pur
683. A life sized figure locally known as Sankata Devi Sheopur Mirza pur
684. British Cemetery Sultanpur Mirza pur
685. Remains of temple on an island in the bed of the river at Ramgayaghat including two inscribed stones Vindhyachal Mirza pur
686. Fragments of sculptures, one of which is a Krishnasthambha lying on the bank of the Ganga on a chabutra at the Ramgaya ghat. Vindhyachal Mirza pur
687. Kantil Fort Vindhyachal Mirza pur
688. Bharasthi Devi remains of a Mediaeval Temple Vindhyachal Mirza pur
689. British Cemetery Gopiganj Santravidas nagar
690. Pakka masonary Fort Vijay Garh Sonbhadra
691. Cemetery Chaitganj Varanasi
692. Remains of a Fine Massive brick fort Chandravati Varanasi
693. Ancient Buddhist Site known as Cahukhandi stupa Ganj and Baraipur Varanasi
694. Old Ruined Kot (Fortress) Hatimpur Varanasi
695. Ancient buddhist site of Sarnath, including the Dhamek stupa, Jagat Singh Stupa, the monastery of Major Kitlee and all the monuments excavated by Mr. Certal in 1984-85 with an area of 53.04 acres, including government land measuring 21.94 acres Paraipur, Khajuhi Ganj(Varanasi) Varanasi
696. Closed Cemetery Rajghat Varanasi
697. Tomb of Lal Khan Rajghat Varanasi
698. The whole area to the east of the buddhist site explored by the Archaoelogical department extending upto the limits of the lake named Narokhar Sarnath Varanasi
699. Graves of European Officers Shivala Varanasi
700. Khera or Mound representing the ancient Sukalpura Sukalpura Chandalui
701. Ancient Mound Tilmapur Varanasi
702. Dharahra Mosque (Aurangzeb Mosque ) Varanasi Varanasi
703. Lt. Col. Pogson''s Tomb Varanasi Varanasi
704. Mutiny Monuments Varanasi Varanasi
705. Observatory of Mansingh Varanasi Varanasi
706. Pahlapur inscribed Lat or monolith now standing in the compound of the Queen''s College
Varanasi Varanasi
707. Tablet on the Treasury Building Varanasi Varanasi
708. Telia Nala Buddhist Ruins Varanasi Varanasi
709. Two Graves at Old Artilery lines Varanasi Varanasi
710. Victoria Memorial Varanasi Varanasi
711. Ancient site and archaeological remains Radrauli Maharjganj
712. Allahabad Fort
i. Ashoka Pillar
(Inscribed stone pillar)
Zanana Palace Allahabad Allahabad
713. Cemeteries in Kydganj Allahabad Allahabad
714. Khusru Bagh :-
Enclosure wall and Gateway of Khusru Bagh,
Tomb of Bibi Tamolan,
Tomb of Sultan Khusru,
Tomb of Sultan Khusru''s Mother,
Tomb of Sultan Khusru''s Sister Allahabad Allahabad
715. Queen Victoria''s Memorial in Alfred park Allahabad Allahabad
716. Small high mound, the ancient site of a large Hindu Temple Bara Allahabad
717. The area of the waste land divided by a ravine into two large mounds called "Garha and Garhi" Bhita Allahabad
718. Large stone dwelling house said to have been the residence of the two heroes of Ala and Udal cir. 8th century AD Chilla Allahabad
719. Standing figure identified by Fuhrer as Buddha Asvaghosha with a five-headed snake canopy and worshipped under the name of Srigari Devi Deora Allahabad
720. A rocky hall on the south face of the top bearing an inscription of three lines of Indo-Scythian period in red paint with some rude drawings of men and animals Ginja Hill Allahabad
721. Ruined forts of Samudra Gupta and Hansagupta Jhusi Allahabad
722. Cave known as Sita-ki-rasoi containing an inscription in characters of the 9th century AD Mankuar Allahabad
723. Extensive mound called Hatgauha Dih Shiupur Allahabad
724. Garhwa fort
Sheorajpur Allahabad
725. Large mound called Surya Bhita Singraur Allahabad
726. Old Nawabi Mosque
Akbarpur Ahmednagar
727. A mound 20'' high apparently formed of solid brick work where the Prithvinath lingam and a copper plate grant were found

Pachran Balrampur
728. Three mounds known as Mani-Parbat, Kuber Parbat and Sugrib Parbat Ayodhya Faizabad
729. Beni Khanam''s Tomb Faizabad Faizabad
730. Gulab Bari Faizabad Faizabad
731. Tomb of Bahu-Begum Faizabad Faizabad
732. Tomb of Hazi Iqbal, Eunuch of Sadar Jahan Begum including the mosque & the whole compound enclosing them Faizabad Faizabad
733. Tomb of Shuja-ud-daula Faizabad Faizabad
734. Mound covered with bricks with the ruins of the temple of Asokanath Mahadeva Hathili Gonda
735. Fort attributed to Jay Chandra Karra Kaushambi
736. Ancient fortress (representing the ancient Kaushambi) Kosam Kaushambi
737. Artificial cave in the fane of the hill of Pabhosa hill Pabhosa Kaushambi
738. Traces of a large brick buiding on the summit of Pabhosa hill Pabhosa Kaushambi
739. Ancient Site Jungle Belhar Siddharth Nagar
740. Group of ruined brick temple of the 10th century locally called Teligarhi Bhagupur Sultanpur
741. Mosque Isauli Sultanpur
742. Extensive brick strewn mounds undoubtedly of the ruins of Buddhist cities Raipur, Tikri, Shahgarh Sultanpur
743. Large dih called Majhangaon with brick-towers on the four corners Sultanpur Sultanpur

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