(a)  the number of shipping ports in the country as on date;

(b) the total areas of land with various ports in the country;

(c) the details of surplus land which is either lying unused or in vacant under various ports;

(d) whether the Government has formulated any scheme to sell-off these vacant land to the private sector or real estate companies for residential property development;

(e) if so, the reasons therefor; and

(f) the funds likely to be accrued to different ports with this sale, port-wise and the purpose this money is to be utilised?

Answer given by the minister


(a): There are 13 Major Ports under the control of the Union Government.

(b) & (c): Port-wise land area and unused/vacant land is detailed at Annexure“A”.

(d): No, Madam.

(e) & (f): Does not arise.



S.No.	Name of the Port	Total Land Area	Total land lying unused or	vacant and its details
1(a). Kolkata 4576 Acres 954.36 acres of land is lying vacant, earmarked for allotment for the purpose of :

(i) Container Freight Station- 51.52 acres (approx.)

(ii) Port related storage—20.96 acres (approx.)

(iii) Port related industries/operation-17.94 acres (approx.)

(iv) Land under litigation – 143.81 acres (approx.)

(v) Oil terminal (Budge-Budge) – 7.05 acres (approx.)

(vi) Others – 48.33 acres (approx.)

(vii)Outstation – 664.75 acres (approx.)

1(b). Haldia 6367 acres About 2077 acres (out of which 1364 acres are earmarked for future use of port and 713 acres earmarked for allotment to Industries/port users etc.
2. Paradip 6382.07 acres Nil
3. Visakhapatnam 7576 acres Nil
4. Ennore 2074.86 acres Nil
5. Chennai 646.96 acres Nil
6. Tuticorin 2398.34 acres Nil
7. Cochin 862.9 Hectares 80.74 Hectares is lying unused or vacant. This area is earmarked for future expansion and development.
8. New Mangalore 2352 acres 444 acres of land used as a green belt.
9. Mormugao 533.48 acres Nil
10. Mumbai 781.11 hectares Vacant land is in city:-

(i) Earmarked for port use- 16.76 Hectares

(ii) Reservation/town planning schemes- 3.43 Hectares

(iii) Census slums- 2.10 Hectares

(iv) Other hutments – 4.67 Hectares

(v) 166 Isolated plots (area varying from 24 sq.mtrs. to 5200 sq. mtrs.) — 8.16 Hectares
Total — 35.12 Hectares
In addition 28.39 Hectares vacant land at Titwala is about 70 Kilometers away from Port.
11. Jawaharlal Nehru 2584 hectares About 720 hectares of land is at present used as Port operational area and for providing infrastructure. The port is to provide greenery in 1/3rd of its total area of land. The balance area is for development of port based SEZ.
12. Kandla 220416 acres About 2023 acres of land is vacant in township land out of which 1040 acres is covered under green belt area and balance 983 acres has been kept reserve for future development and shifting of port colony from Kandla tob Gandhidham. Approximately 1005 acres of land (out of 2175 acres of dry land) at Kandla is vacant, which is required exclusively for the projects of Kandla Port Trust.
13. Port Blair # #

# Port Blair Port Trust has been recently notified on 1st June, 2010.