Question : Land Acquired for Sipat Project

(a) the total number of land owners and their total land acquired for the Sipat project of National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) in Chhattisgarh;

(b) the number of land oustees or their relatives provided with employment and the number of people who are yet to be provided with jobs in lieu of land;

(c) whether any rules or parameters have been setup to provide employment to the land oustees against the land acquisition for various plants under the Union Government and if so, the details thereof;

(d) whether NTPC Sipat is following these rules and parameters;

(e) if so, the details thereof and if not, the reasons therefor; and

(f) the action taken in this regard so far?

Answer given by the minister



(a) : A total of 2,318.84 acres of private land has been acquired from 3,765 land-owners (Khatedars) in respect of NTPC Sipat Project.

(b) to (f) : The details are as under:

(i) Provision of “Land for Land-LFL” was provided in the approved Rehabilitation Action Plan (RAP) 2000 of NTPC Sipat. Eligible Project Affected Persons (PAPs) under LFL were provided with “Rehabilitation Grant” in addition to the land compensation amount.

The land compensation amount was paid by NTPC through District administration for all 3,765 Khatedars. However, the Land for Land (LFL) option was opted by only 3725 out of 3765 khatedars and 40 did not opt for LFL. Out of 3,725

Khatedars, 624 were not eligible and 3101 Khatedars were eligible for Rehabilitation Grant [Since the cut off date and eligibility for Rehabilitation Benefit as per the approved R&R plan for Sipat was (i) a person whose land has been acquired for the project i.e. Khatedar and the said person has been residing in any of the affected villages and (ii) the person is a land owner since at least 1 year prior to the date of publication of Section 4 (1) of the notification under the LA Act 1894]. Rehabilitation grant and Land Compensation amount was received by 3011 Khatedars, and remaining 90 are pending due to individual disputes and court cases.

(ii) Out of economic opportunities arising due to project activities, over & above the entitled Land compensation and Rehabilitation Grant, as above, only one of the following additional benefit was also extended to individual PAPs amongst total of 3101 PAPs:

Additional Economic Opportunity No. of PAPs
Permanent Employment 395
Secondary employment with contracting agencies 500
Shop allotment 16
Vehicle Hiring 33
PAPs engaged through Co-operative Societies 273
Sub Total 1217
PAP who have not availed any additional economic opportunity 1884
Total 3101

(iii) Under the Skill Development, ITI training to 248 Nos. of PAPs was provided. Out of 248 ITI trained PAPs, 228 have got permanent employment (included in above list of 395)

(iv) Further, employment to 626 PAPs was agreed on the request from peoples'' representatives and the State Government in a Tripartite Meeting held in the year 2008 subject to eligibility as per NTPC’s R&R policy, availability of vacancies, NTPC’s recruitment policy and State Government''s policy on reservation. Details of PAP recruitment from 2008 onwards is as follows:

S No. Description Number of Direct Employment
1. Recruited as per minutes of Tripartite Meetings and Priority List forwarded by District Administration 395
2. Considered but not issued offer due to dispute /lack of documents (seats kept blocked in view of pending legal cases in some instances)* 30
3. Total posts for which recruitment has been conducted 425

*The offer of appointment could not be issued because of family disputes of PAPs, lack of submission of required documents by the candidates and pending legal cases etc.

- 3 -

(v) The remaining 201 vacancies include 47 unreserved /other categories and 154 reserved posts of Scheduled Tribes along with the backlog. There are no Scheduled Tribe (ST) candidates remaining in the Priority List forwarded by the District Administration. Therefore, guidance has been sought from the District Administration for filling up of remaining ST posts. Recruitment on the posts reserved for ST shall be done as per guidance from the District Administration in the matter. Recruitment is presently in process for 47 remaining posts (other than those earmarked for ST). However, due to non-availability of qualified candidates in the Priority List for posts such as Staff Nurse, Jr. Stenographer etc. NTPC Sipat has sought assistance from District Administration in arranging training of eligible PAPs for recruitment to these posts. Recruitment activity can be started only after imparting training to eligible PAPs.

(vi) Project specific R&R plans are developed keeping in view of Government Guidelines/ Policies and NTPC R&R Policy, in consultation with the stakeholders including District Administration. These R&R Plans have provisions for Rehabilitation Grant (RG) in form of Annuity in lieu of jobs or lump-sum one time RG to the Project Affected Families/ PAPs.

(vii) The Rehabilitation Action Plan (RAP 2000) of Sipat is based on NTPC’s R&R policy. Since 2008, as per the Tripartite Meetings, NTPC has been conducting recruitment on the agreed posts giving preference to Project Affected Persons, in the Priority list provided by the District Administration.


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