Question : NTC MILLS

(a) the details of sick National Textiles Corporation (NTC) along with the steps taken by the Government for revival of the said mills including payment of salaries/rehabilitation of workers, mill-wise and State-wise;

(b) the details of closed showroom of NTC along with the reasons for such closure and steps taken by the Government to revamp the showrooms;

(c) whether incidents of irregularities have been noticed in the sale proceed of various NTC land/bunglow in the country particularly at Mumbai region;

(d) if so, the details thereof along with the action taken by the Government against defaulters;

(e) whether the Government has sold some NTC land in the country;

(f) if so, the details thereof along with value of operation/non-operation land of NTC and out of which how much sold by the Government, mill-wise, value-wise and State-wise; and

(g) whether the Government has taken decision to provide land belonging to Indu Mill to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar for making monument and if so, the details thereof?

Answer given by the minister


(a): As per the Revival Scheme approved by BIFR, NTC has modernized its mills and invested Rs. 1323.29 crores towards modernization till date. Other initiatives taken by NTC include, inter alia, the provision of DG sets to deal with acute power cuts in the State of Tamil Nadu, engagement of women to deal with labour shortages; obtaining ISO certification for 16 mills; utilization of information Technology to improve efficiencies etc. Consequent upon closure of unviable mills/units as per approved Revival Scheme 62968 employees have availed the MVRS and have been paid an amount of Rs.2329.44 Crores. The Mill-wise, State -wise details is placed at Annexure-I.

(b): 86 showrooms under NTC are functioning. Earlier there were 282 showrooms out of which 196 loss making showrooms have been closed as they were loss making. NTC is revamping its showrooms and in the first phase 13 showrooms have been revamped by NTC.

(c) & (d): Complaints regarding irregularity in sale of land of Finlay Mills, Mumbai Textile Mills and Apollo Mills of National Textiles Corporation Limited had been received by the Government. The cases have been referred through Central Vigilance Commission. To ensure transparency in Sale of land, sales are done through an open tender with the approval of an Assets Sale Committee in accordance with the guidelines of the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction. NTC has also introduced a system of e-auction for sale of land.

(e): Yes Madam, the sale of land is being effected as per the Revival Plan for National Textile Corporation (NTC) approved by the Government and sanctioned by the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR). The plan, being self-financing, the resources are to be generated by sale of surplus land and assets. Sale of surplus land/ assets has been carried out in accordance with BIFR guidelines through a duly constituted Asset Sale Committee (ASC).

(f): The total value of property in operation/non-operation of NTC and the property sold is given at Annexure-II.

(g): Earlier the Government of Maharashtra had asked for 4 acres of land on India United Mill No. 6 vested in National Textile Corporation (NTC) for construction of a memorial for Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. Subsequently, the Government of Maharashtra has requested for transfer of the entire land i.e. approximately 12 acres of India United Mill No. 6 to the Govt. of Maharashtra for developing the Memorial. To examine and make recommendations on the issue, a Committee consisting of officials from the Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Environment & Forest, State Government of Maharashtra and other co-opted Members (including Ministry of Law & Justice) has been constituted. The broad Terms of Reference of the Committee are to make recommendations on the following:

# The modalities of making available the requisite land for the proposed Memorial, subject to the condition that the title and ownership of the land shall remain either with the Govt. of India/NTC or with the State Government.

# Compliance with environmental, legal and procedural requirements in the matter.

# Modalities for suitably and adequately compensation NTC for making available the approximately 12 acres of land for the memorial.

# Any other relevant matter.

Three meetings of the Committee have been held.