(a) Whether the Government has taken any steps for the modernisation of telegraph services in Andhra Pradesh;

(b) if so, the details thereof, district-wise;

(c) the total budgetary allocation made for this purpose during the last three years; and

(d) the time by which modernisation of telegraph services is likely to be completed?

Answer given by the minister


(a) & (b) District-wise details of modernization of telegraph services in Andhra Pradesh are given in the Annexure.

(c) & (d) No budgetary allocation has been made during the last three years as modernisation of telegraph services had already been completed as per plan.


Details of SFMSS systems/EKBC/EKB/FTC/FT/ and other modern equipments provided:


1) 128L SFMSS system at CTO Secunderabad is having 115 ports connected to various places in the state for disposal of telegrams and EMT`s including interstate SFT Network with Chennai (Tamilnadu), Trivendrum (Kerala), Cuttack (Orissa), Ahmedabad (Gujrat) Mumbai, Puna (Maharashtra), Kolkatta (West Bengal) and Delhi States and 8 number of iner-districts Head-quarters.
2) 64L SFMS system and one 16 L FTC at CTO Vijawada are having 76 ports covering the network of stations falling in Krishana distt and EMT stations of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Vishakhapatnam, east Godavari, west Godavadri, Krishana, Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore, and Chittor, Districts including interstate SFT Network with Bangalore and Nagpur.
3) One 32L system Two No`s 16L Sita FTC`s 2Nos of 16L Phonogram Concentrators are working in CTO Hyderabad covering the entire network of stations falling in Telangana Region.
4) One 32L system and one 16L concentrator is working in CTO Visakhapatnam covering the network of the station falling in Visakhapatnam Vizaianargaran and Srikakulam distt.
5) One 32L system working at CTO Guntur is covering the stations falling in Guntur and Prakasham distt.
6) One 32L system One 16L FTC at CTO Rajahmundri and one EKBC at CTO Kakinada are covering network of stations of east Godavadri and west Godavari Distts.
7) One 16L FTC at CTO Nellore is covering Nellore distt. 8) One 16L FTC at CTO Tirupati is covering Tirupati distt. 9) One 16L FTC at CTO Cuddapah is covering Cuddapah distt. 10) One 16L FTC at CTOAnanthpur is covering Ananthpur distt. 11) One 16L FTC at CTO Kurnoolis covering Kurnool distt.
B. Total FT`s provided are 341. All CTO`s and TO`s are provided with B-FAX service. Internet services are also introduced in some CTO`s and DTO`s, Telephone revenue collection counters has been opened in all CTO`s TO`s and Centralised Phonogram booking at SSA HQ for the stations falling within 100 Kilometers from SSA HQ has been introduced in five districts and it is under process in the remaining districts.
1. SFMSS Store and Forward Message Switching system

2. EKBC Electronic Key Board Concentrator

3. EKB Electronic Key Board

4. FTC Formatted Terminal Concentrator

5. FT Formatted Terminal 6. CTO Central Telegraph Office

7 TO Telegraph Office

8. EMT Express Money Transfer