Question : Metro Rail Network

(a) the total length of metro rail network in operation in the country and the criteria for setting up of metro rail network;

(b) the details of metro rail proposals received during each of last three years and the current year, stretch, city and State/Union Territory-wise along with the estimated cost of each stretch;

(c) the details of proposals cleared and lying pending State-wise along with the reasons for pendency and the time by which pending proposals are likely to be cleared;

(d) the funds sanctioned, released and utilized by the Government and private partners during above period for various projects, stretch, city and State/Union Territory-wise;

(e) the progress of various under construction and sanctioned metro rail stretches and the time by which these are likely to be completed and operationalised, stretch and city-wise; and

(f) the other steps taken by the Government to popularize metro network in the country?

Answer given by the minister



(a) At present, about 754 kms of metro rail network is operational in the country. Urban transport, which is an integral part of urban development, is a state subject. Hence, respective State/Union Territory (UT) Governments are responsible for initiating, developing and funding urban transport infrastructure including metro rail projects. As per Metro Rail Policy, 2017, the Central Government considers financial assistance for metro rail proposals in cities or urban agglomerates based on the feasibility of the proposal and availability of resources, as and when posed by the concerned State/Union Territory (UT) Government.

(b) & (c) The details of metro rail proposals received from various State/Union Territory (UT) Governments for central financial assistance, in each of the last three years and the current year, stretch, city, State/UT-wise, along with the estimated cost and the present status, are given in Annexure I. Metro rail projects are cost intensive which require extensive Inter-Ministerial consultations and their approval depends on feasibility of projects and availability of resources. No time limit can be specified for sanction of the project.

(d) The funds allocated and released by Government of India to agencies implementing metro rail projects and the funds spent by private partners for various metro rail projects during the last three years and current year, stretch, city and State/UT-wise are given in Annexure II and II-A respectively.

(e) The progress of various sanctioned and under construction metro rail projects, stretch and city-wise, along with the expected date of completion, is given in Annexure III.

(f) Metro rail being the fast, safe, comfortable, energy efficient, and environment friendly has emerged as popular mode of public transport in urban areas. For systematic planning and implementation of metro rail systems in more comprehensive and sustainable manner, Government of India has issued Metro Rail Policy-2017 which endeavors to focus on enhancing the feasibility of metro rail projects from economic, social and environmental perspective and act as a guide to state governments for preparing comprehensive proposals for metro rail projects. The policy also enables innovative financing through Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Value Capture Finance (VCF). Provision of necessarily including feeder systems, last mile connectivity through pedestrian pathways, Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) infrastructure, and induction of facilities for Para transit modes etc incentivize metro rail ridership.

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