(a) the details of roads constructed/proposed to be constructed/being constructed under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) during each year of the Tenth Plan, State-wise;

(b) the number of villages covered/proposed to be covered in each State thereunder indicating the criteria fixed for their selection;

(c) the funds made available and utilized during the said period, State-wise;

(d) the additional funds provided to the concerned States against their demand for enhancement, if any;

(e) the details of complaints received and irregularities noticed under PMGSY alongwith action taken thereon, State-wise;

(f) whether the pace of progress of the Yojana is slow and it is lagging behind the schedule; and (g) if so, the steps taken to achieve the targets within the stipulated time and to link all the villages with roads?

Answer given by the minister

MINISTER OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT (DR. RAGHUVANSH PRASAD SINGH) (a) to (g) A Statement is laid on the Table of the House.

The Statement referred to in Reply to the Lok Sabha Starred Question No. 403 admitted for Answer on 12th May, 2006.

`Rural Roads` is a State subject. The details of proposals for road works approved by the Ministry of Rural Development, the road works completed, as reported by States under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), so far, State-wise and year- wise during the period 2002 to 2006 are given in the Statement at Annexure-I.

2. The total number of Habitations eligible for coverage under PMGSY and the number of habitations approved for coverage in each State, so far, are given in the Statement at Annexure-II. `Bharat Nirman` launched in 2005-06 has set a goal to connect all villages that have a population of 1000(or 500 in hilly/tribal areas) with an all- Weather road by the year 2009.

3. The State-wise details of funds released by the Ministry of Rural Development and expenditure as on 30. 4.2006, as reported by the States, are given in the Statement at Annexure III.

4. Funds, over and above the amount allocated upto 2005-06, have been released to Andhra Pradesh (Rs. 161.47 crore), Assam (Rs. 150.29 crore), Chhattisgaarh (Rs. 185.76 crore), Haryana (Rs. 31.07 crore), Himachal Pradesh (Rs. 60.66 crore), Madhya Pradesh (Rs.484.05 crore), Mizoram (Rs. 98. 50 crore), Nagaland (Rs. 36.56 crore), Orissa (Rs. 287.56 crore), Punjab (Rs. 21.30 crore), Rajasthan (Rs. 719.53 crore), Tamil Nadu (Rs. 6.87 crore), Uttar Pradesh (Rs. 118.91 crore) and West Bengal (Rs. 297.45 crore) till date. Additional funds have also been provided to Assam (Rs. 20.00 crore), Chhattisgarh (Rs. 122.50 crore), Himachal Pradesh (Rs.41.44 crore), Jharkhand (Rs. 14.57 crore), Madhya Pradesh (Rs. 118.45 crore), Orissa (Rs. 15.00 crore), Rajasthan (Rs. 206.83 crore) and Uttar Pradesh (Rs.130.99 crore) under ADB/World Bank assistance.

5. The funds for PMGSY are released to the States generally in two instalments. The release of funds to the States is governed by the level of utilization of funds earlier released to the States and the physical progress of works, as stipulated in the guidelines of PMGSY.

6. Rural Roads being a State subject, the responsibility of implementation is that of the State. Complaints received regarding the programme are forwarded to the States for taking necessary action.

7. As the release of funds depends on the progress of works, all the States are regularly advised to expedite the execution of PMGSY works and make payments to the contractors without any delay. The progress of works is reviewed regularly, including in the Regional Review Meetings with the States. The States have also been advised to furnish all the documents as stipulated in the guidelines of the programme, including complete Audit Reports and Utilization Certificates for each year since 2000-01.