Question : Implementation of Welfare Schemes of Social Justice

(a) the details of the schemes launched by the Government under his Ministry since the year 2014 till date along with the details of the targets set and the achievements made under each of the said scheme, year-wise;

(b) the details of the proposals received from various States along with the proposals approved by the Government, scheme and State-wise;

(c) the details of the funds allocated and utilized for implementation of various schemes during each of the last four years and the current year, State and scheme-wise;

(d) whether the Government has set any time-limit for completing the pending schemes and if so, the details thereof;

(e) whether the Government has any mechanism to monitor the funds allocated to the States/organisations for achieving the said purposes and if so, the details thereof; and

(f) the action taken against the Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) found guilty of misusing the funds?

Answer given by the minister


(a) to (d): The details of the schemes launched by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment since the year 2014 till date are given in Annexure-I. These schemes are either for providing scholarships to Scheduled Caste/ Other Backward Class/ De-notified Tribe/ Disabled students or for promoting entrepreneurship among targeted beneficiaries (SCs and OBCs). One new scheme namely Rashtriya Vayoshir Yojana (RVY) was launched to provide physical aids and assisted living devices to Senior Citizens belonging to Below Poverty Line category and suffering from age related disabilities/ infirmities. Most of the schemes are not target driven as the number of beneficiaries depends upon the number of applicants. However, in case of the new scholarship schemes for Students with Disabilities, slots are distributed on the basis of disabled population of the State. State wise details of fund released and number of beneficiaries under these schemes are placed at Annexure-II.
The completing of pending proposals is a continuous process.
(e): The projects and schemes of the Ministry are monitored through several mechanisms such as :

(i) Payment of scholarships are directly made to the Banks/Post Office accounts of the beneficiaries.
(ii) Mandatory submission of Audited Statement of Accounts and Utilization Certificate duly verified by a Chartered Accountant is required by the grantee organizations.

(iii) The schemes/programmes implemented through Non Governmental Organisations are monitored by respective State Governments/ UT Administrations.

(iv) Annual inspection of all institutions is done by the State Governments/ UT administrations.

(v) Surprise inspection of Non Government Organizations is done by teams of the Central Ministry.

(vi) A Steering Committee in the Ministry monitors and reviews regularly, the progress of construction of hostels.

(vii) Fee fixation Committee is in place to regulate the fee claims of the institutions.

(f) : Complaints of misuse of funds, if any, are investigated through enquiry/ inspection and further release of Grant in aid in considered only on receipt of a satisfactory report. In cases wherein, prima-facie irregularities are found, Show Cause Notice is issued to the organization concerned with the approval of competent authority and further necessary action is taken in the Ministry as per provisions of the schemes.


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