(a) the number of soldiers disabled/killed in various operations during the last three years, State-wise;

(b) the details of ex-gratia/compensation paid to them/the next of kin during the said period, State-wise;

(c) the total expenditure incurred on welfare of these personnel and other ex-servicemen during the last three years;

(d) whether the Government has any administrative machinery to make periodic enquiry into the conditions of the families of these personnel; and

(e) if so, the details thereof?

Answer given by the minister


(a) State wise details of Army personnel killed and injured (battle fatal and battle non fatal casualties) in various operations during the last three years is attached as Annexure-I and II.

(b) Compensation has been paid to Next of Kin in eligible cases as per the following entitlement:-

(i) Liberalised Family Pension: In case of death due to an act of violence/attack by extremists, terrorists, anti-social elements etc, equal to the reckonable emoluments last drawn by the deceased personnel for life to the Next of Kin.

(ii)Special Family Pension: In case of death of armed forces personnel due to causes held attributable to/aggravated by military service, it is computed @ 60% of the last reckonable emoluments subject to minimum of ` 7,000/- per month.

(iii) Death Gratuity: Depending upon the length of service as under:-

Length of Service	Amount
Less than 1 Year 2 times reckonable emoluments 1 to 5 years 6 times reckonable emoluments 5-20 years 12 time reckonable emoluments More than 20 years One month`s reckonable emoluments for every completed year (Maximum ceiling ` 10 Lac).

(iv)Ex-Gratia: ` 15 lakhs to the Next of Kin of the personnel who die in action in border skirmishes of action against militants, terrorists etc. ` 10 lakhs in case of deaths due to accidents in the course of Bonafide official duties.

(v)War Injury Pension: is admissible when injury takes place during action against extremists, terrorists and antisocial elements in war or war like operations. The war injury pension consists of:-

(I)Service element - at 50% of last reckonable emoluments.
(II)War Injury element - equal to last reckonable emolument on invalidment and at 60% of last reckonable emoluments subject to a minimum of ` 7020/- on retirements.

(vi)Disability Pension: is admissible on account of disability provided its extent is more than 20% and held attributable to military service. The disability pension comprises of:-
(I)Service element - at 50% of last reckonable emoluments.
(II)Disability element - at 30% of last reckonable emoluments for 100% disability subject to minimum of ` 3510/-. For lower percentage of disability the amount of disability element is computed proportionately.

(c) Expenditure incurred on welfare of disabled/Killed soldiers and other ex-servicemen during last three years:-
S. No.	Financial Year	Amount ( ` )
1. 2007-2008 39383850 2. 2008-2009 60791765 3. 2009-2010 67724899

(d) & (e): Yes, Madam. The Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (Ministry of Defence)Kendriya Sainik Board and Rajya Sainik Board/Zila Sainik Boards in respective States, Record Offices/local formations/establishments/units have systems in place to periodically interact formally/informally with the families of defence personnel who were killed during operation or soldiers who were disabled during war. In addition, Pension Adalats are held regularly to resolve the pension related problems of the families.