Wages under NREGS

for Ministry of Rural Development | Date - 19-12-2008

accounts of NREGA workers in Banks/Post Offices have been opened.States of Karnataka and and UT of are making entire payment of wages through accounts of the NREGA workers in Banks/Post Offices. In Andhra Pradesh, 99.56%; in Pradesh, 98.40% and in , 93.19% of the wages are being paid through Post offices/Banks. In , , and Rajasthan, 65% to70% of the wages are paid through Bank/Post Office accounts. Other States are also making progress in this regard.As per reported figures from the States and , 46.17% wages are being paid through accounts of NREGA workers at national level.

Sub Section 2 of Section 6 of NREG Act provides that until such time as a wage rate is fixed by the Central Government in respect of any area in a State under Sub Section 1 of Section 6 of NREG Act, the minimum wage fixed by the State Government under Section 3 of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, for agricultural shall be considered as the wage rate applicable to that area.The minimum wages fixed by States are not uniform across the States.The details of prevailing minimum wages in the States are at Annexure.

The Ministry of Rural Development has discussed the subject matter of minimum wages with the State Governments from time to time.There is no proposal under consideration of the Ministry of Rural Development for taking up the matter with the States for increasing the minimum wages fixed by the respective States.

Prasad Singh in a Statement in today.


. 65)

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. 100/-

. 75/-

. 70 for women forfive hours of work

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