Statistics Day Celebrations

for Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation | Date - 29-06-2007

The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh has stressed the role of statistics as the country progresses in the path of development towards becoming a knowledge economy, and as we integrate with the international economic order.

In his address after inaugurating the Statistics Day celebrations, here today, he pointed out that in such a situation, the hallmark of a country's reputation will be the credibility and transparency of its statistical system. Referring to the National Statistical Commission set up by the Government last year towards this end, Dr. Singh observed that two aspects of its mandate are of particular importance.

"The first is to evolve and lay down national quality standards in different areas of statistics; and the second is to exercise statistical coordination between Ministries, Departments and State Governments", he added.

The Prime Minister appealed to all concerned to extend full cooperation to the National Statistical Commission and to actively seek its assistance in improving our statistical data bases. Stating that we should all be proud of our collective heritage in the field of statistics and resolve to take our country to the pinnacle of this discipline, Dr. Singh expressed hope that young statisticians from India will continue to lead the world in theoretical and applied statistics, and bring a further sense of pride and accomplishment to our Nation.

The Prime Minister paid glorious tribute to Late Prof. P.C. Mahalonobis for his pioneering contributions in a wide range of areas including anthropology, educational testing, statistical quality control, agriculture, flood control, meteorology and for institution building. Paying homage to the memory of Professor Mahalanobis, the Minister for Statistics Shri G.K. Vasan said Professor Mahalanobis is the builder of modern statistical system in India. His contributions to the development of statistics as a science are fundamental and well recognised all over the world.

The Government of India has declared 29th June of each year as Statistics Day to be celebrated as a special day at the national level. Statistics Day is meant to give recognition to the contribution of Statistics and of Indian statisticians to the development of the country. It is being held on 29th June, the birth anniversary of Professor P.C. Mahalanobis, the doyen of Indian statistics, to pay tribute to the multi-faceted contributions of Professor Mahalanobis; as a scholar and academician, as an institution builder, and as a pioneer in the application of statistics to development issues.

In the Technical Session following the Inaugural Session, Professor Suresh Tendulkar, Chairman, National Statistical Commission, will deliver a memorial address, which was followed by a documentary film on Professor Mahalanobis prepared by the Indian Statistical Institute.

The key-note address was delivered by Dr. I.P. David, an internationally reputed statistician from the Philippines, who is this years winner of the international Professor Mahalanobis Award. Dr. David is well-known as an expert on issues of poverty measurement, among his other qualifications.

Shri G.K. Vasan, MOS, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, confered the National Award in Statistics for Young Statisticians in honour of Professor C.R. Rao for the year 2006-07 on Dr. Ayanendranath Basu of ISI, Kolkata. Dr. Basu is not only a well-known theoretical statistician, he has also done fundamental work on measuring the spread of HIV. Dr. Basu will deliver a lecture on this occasion.

Shri Vasan will also distribute prizes to eleven post-graduate students who have won the Essay Competition organized in memory of Professor Mahalanobis by CSO.

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