Sites for future Nuclear Power Stations

for Cabinet Committee Decisions | Date - 22-09-2005

The Union Cabinet today gave its in principle clearance of  sites for setting up Nuclear Power Stations in future and pre-project activities at the following sites,  including land acquisition in the case of Jaitapur site in Maharashtra :-

1.       Kakrapar, Gujarat

( (2x700 MWe PHWRs) *   

2.       Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu

( 2 x 1000 MWe LWRs) **

3.       Jaitapur, Maharashtra

( 2 x 1000 MWe LWRs)

4.       Rawatbhata, Rajashtan

( 2 x 700 MWe PHWRs)

         With the setting up of the aforesaid Nuclear power Plants, the total nuclear power capacity in the northern, western and southern regions would go up considerably.


At present, fourteen nuclear power reactors are in operation and nine reactors are under construction at seven sites across the country.  These sites are : Tarapur in Maharashtra, Rawatbhata in Rajasthan, Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu, Narora in Uttar pradesh, Kakrapar in Gujarat, Kaiga in Karnatka and Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu.

*   PHWRs  = Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors

**  LWRs     =  Light Water Reactors


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