Second mechanised forces conference at Ahmednagar

for Ministry of Defence | Date - 22-08-2007

The Chief of Army Staff Gen JJ Singh and other senior officers of the Indian Army will be attending the Mechanised Forces Conference scheduled from 23 to 25 of August at the Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre, Ahmednagar.

The Armoured Corps, the Mechanised Infantry Regiment and the Brigade of the Guards are together addressed as the Mechanised Forces. The three Regiments have to remain integrated in peace to be successfully applied for a decisive victory against any adversary challenging or threatening the sovereignty of our nation. The Mechanised Forces Conference validates this integration as a necessary adjunct to the war fighting principles that applies to Mechanised Warfare concepts.

The First Mechanised Forces Conference was held in 2005 under the aegis of the Armoured Corps Centre and School, Ahmednagar. In keeping with the tradition set by the inaugural session, the Second Mechanised Forces Conference is being hosted by the Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre at Ahmednagar. The conference will be attended by a large number of distinguished senior officers of the Mechanised Forces fraternity.

This conference is being organized as a brainstorming session for the Army top brass to discuss a number of issues relevant to the Mechanised Forces and also the Army as a whole. The issues being addressed include the visualized challenges for the mechanized forces in 2020, integration of Battle Field Management Systems with special reference to Revolution in Military Affairs, upgrading reconnaissance assets, those already in service and as well advance versions planned for the future and Networking.

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