Indo-US Cooperation in Development of Bio-Fuels MoU Signed on Basis of Equality, Reciprocity and Mutual Benefit

for Ministry of New and Renewable Energy | Date - 03-02-2009

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the United States of America and India here today. Its purpose is to establish a framework of cooperation covering scientific, technical and policy aspects of production, conversion, utilization, distribution and marketing of bio-fuels in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner in accordance with national priorities and socio-economic development strategies and goals.

Eight specific areas have been identified for collaborative activities. Bio-fuel feed-stock production based on sustainable biomass with active involvement of local communities through non-edible oil seed bearing plantations on wastelands will be carried out. Thrust will be given to production and development of quality planting materials and high sugar containing varieties of sugarcane, sweet sorghum, sugar and cassava. Besides this, advanced conversion technologies for first generation bio-fuels and emerging technologies for second generation bio-fuels, technologies for end-use applications in the sector based on a large scale centralized approach and stationary applications in rural areas and industry for motive power and electricity production based on a decentralized approach through active community participation, utilization of by-products of bio-diesel production processes, development of test methods, procedures and protocols, standards and certification for different bio-fuels and end use applications, promotion of technology transfer, assessment of joint policy and business models are other areas of cooperation.

Recognizing the important role played by government, industry and research entities in both the countries in the area of bio-fuels development and the benefits expected from their potential collaboration, both the countries decided to cooperate in this field.


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