Inclusion of State of Bihar under Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme (FMD-CP)

for Ministry of Agriculture | Date - 30-09-2014

Department of Animal Husbandry Dairying & Fisheries under Ministry of Agriculture have decided to include State of Bihar under foot and mouth disease control programme during 2014-15 so as to enable State Government to officially start work on its implementation.

In order to assess the feasibility and preparedness of State to implement intensive FMD control programme in the state, the Department of Animal Husbandry had recently held a meeting with officers of State Animal Husbandry Department. During the meeting nitty-gritty and logistics about implementation requirements of FMD-CP in terms of veterinary services and veterinary infrastructure to carry out vaccination and sero-monitoring work were discussed. Detailed technical guidelines for all components including FMD-CP under centrally sponsored scheme ‘Livestock Health & Disease Control’ have already been sent to the State Government. Bihar Government was requested to assess the available infrastructure and inform the central government about the schedule for carrying out vaccination of eligible cattle and buffalo population in the state in pulse mode along with action plan.

GG:CP: foot (30.9.2014)

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