Harvest every drop of water and Aim to build a prudent and caring water society– Prof. Soz

for Ministry of Water Resources | Date - 08-12-2006

Prof. Saifuddin Soz, the Union Minister of Water Resources has said that the adoption of latest techniques and technology, both at macro and micro levels, are necessary to ensure the optimum and efficient use of water. Apart from measures for improving the efficiency of larger water facilities, due emphasis has to be given to measures like drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting and ground water recharge, watershed development etc. The contribution of several Non-Governmental Organizations in this effort is also laudable. He was addressing the “National Seminar on Water Equipment and Management” organized by the Confederation of Indian Industries here today.

The Minister has said that the Ministry of Water Resources has undertaken studies and research schemes on efficiency of irrigation systems, water audit in industries and development of water accounting guidelines. Technical development and research should lead to transfer of technology to the stakeholders and public private partnership in these areas should be encouraged.

Prof. Soz has opined that the growing population coupled with industrialization and urbanization has resulted in increase in demand for water for various uses. Scarcity value of fresh water is known to all of us. There is an urgent need to take up necessary measures for optimal utilization of the available water resources with due consideration to sustainability. For optimal utilization of water resources, we have to adopt the most appropriate measures for its development and put in place an efficient management system, he suggested.

Prof. Soz reiterated that we are committed to take necessary measures for development of water resources and to ensure efficient management of the same with a view to ensure its equitable distribution for meeting the requirements for various purposes, with top most priority to drinking water supply. This aspect is duly addressed in the National Water Policy of India. The policy allocates first priority to drinking water in the planning and operation of water resources systems.

Prof. Soz said that there is a need for efficient management of water resources in an integrated manner in all spheres of its use. Efficiency of the facilities created for utilization of water resources is relatively low. Water intensive industries have a significant role to play in this regard.

The Minister emphasized that issues related to water are to be addressed with full involvement of local people and taking into account the local conditions, socio-economic and environmental profile of the target groups, availability of resources and future demands. The local needs of the people need to be appropriately addressed with equitable distribution of resources to all the stakeholders and with primary focus on meeting the drinking water and sanitation needs on a sustainable basis. We have to ensure the preservation of this precious natural resource not only to meet the growing demands of the present but also for our future generations.

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