GSI estimates 2,987 Million tonnes of Coal in 2004

for Ministry of Mines | Date - 10-01-2005

Geological Survey of India (GSI), a subordinate organisation of the Ministry of Mines, has estimated an additional resource of 2,987 Million Tonnes (MT) of coal and 98 MT of lignite during the calendar year 2004. It has estimated a zone of gold mineralisation for about 400 m strike with Au values ranging from 1 g/t to 14.60 g/t in Parasi area, Jharkhand. Two potential blocks of manganese have been delineated in Rukunibori and Loharpadar in Orissa from where surface samples indicated Mn content ranging from 20.81 per cent to 57.22 per cent and 35.79 per cent to 53.68 per cent respectively.

Two diamonds weighing 0.13 carat and 0.04 carat respectively have been recorded from Chigicherla pipe in Andhra Pradesh. In Atmakuri and Penukonda blocks, Anatapur district, Andhra Pradesh, two new kimberlite pipes have been discovered near Timmasamudram village and ten small lamproite bodies have been identified in Ramadugu and Nalgonda districts of Andhra Pradesh.

In Jaintia Hill district, Meghalaya, a reserve of 407.45 million tonnes of limestone have been estimated. Investigation in Sindesar Kalan West and Sindesar khurd Blocks, Dariba-Bethumbi Belt, Rajsamand district, Rajasthan showed moderately good mineralisation.

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