DoT simplifies procedure for SACFA site clearance

for Ministry of Communications | Date - 29-06-2006

With a view to expedite the faster roll–out and growth of various telecommunications networks, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in consultation with Ministry of Defence and Airport Authority of India has taken steps for further simplification of Standing Advisory Committee on radio Frequency Allocation ( SACFA) procedures.

vv As per the new simplified procedure, all antenna towers/masts located beyond 07 kms from the nearest airport and having up to 40 meters above the Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) of the Airport Reference Point (ARP) of the concerned airport need not undergo the detailed siting clearance procedure. The service providers are only to be “Registered” online on WPC/SACFA website and necessary clearance will be issued by the SACFA Secretariat. Secondly, the Geo-coordinates and AMSL information to be submitted in the SACFA applications can now be obtained using a standard Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver . However, the service providers and other applicants shall have to accept full responsibility on their part for providing the correct information in this regard.

The above simplified procedure is expected to reduce the number of cases for site clearance for SACFA members and would enable the service providers for quicker roll-out of their network/services. The orders giving effect to the new procedure have been issued by the WPC wing and are available on DoT website.

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