Central Government Asks State Government of Kerala to Take Necessary Steps to Contain Avian Influenza

for Ministry of Agriculture | Date - 25-11-2014

The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture on receipt of reports about the mortality of the birds (ducks) and the samples having been found positive for Avian Influenza in RT-PCR and Real time RT-PCR for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5 AIV, have asked Government of Kerala for immediate precautionary steps/actions for preparedness for control and containment of the disease and to furnish the information. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has also been requested to facilitate the control and containment operations.

The State has already started the control and containment operation as per Action Plan on Prevention, Control and Containment of Avian Influenza which was revised in 2012. The culling will be carried out in 1 km radius of the infected sites. There is no further report of any unusual sickness or mortality from any other part of the country.

As per the report received from the State there are 228807 birds in 1 km radius of epicentres in district Alappuzha and 13,000 birds in 1 km radius of epicentre in district Kottayam. There are 1759123 birds in surveillance zone (2-10 kms area) in district Alappuzha and 240696 birds in surveillance zone of district Kottayam. The mortality till date is 15,500 birds. A Control room has been started by the state on 23.11.2014. The control rooms have also been started in the districts.

GG:CP: avian (25.11.2014)

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