Board of Governors of I.I.M. Calcutta reconstituted

for Ministry of Human Resource Development | Date - 12-06-2004

The Central Government, have after consultation with the State Government of West Bengal, nominated the following six persons on the Board of Governors (BOG) of IIM, Calcutta.

(1) Shri G.P.Goenka,


Duncan Group of Industries, Kolkata.

Shri Harshavardhan Neotia,

Managing Director,

Ambuja Cement Eastern Limited, Kolkata.

(3) Shri Aveek Sarkar,

Chairman / Chief Editor,

ABP Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata.

(4) Shri S.M. Datta,

(Former Chairman,

Brook Bond Ltd.,), Mumbai.

(5) Dr. T.B. Singh,

Former Chairman Balco, New Delhi.

Shri M.K. Deb,

Chairman, M.P. Windfarms, Bhopal.

2. According to the Memorandum of Association (MOA) & Rules of IIM Calcutta, six persons have to be nominated in consultation with State Government. Of late, such nominations were made in an ad-hoc manner without consultation with the State Government. In one case, for one

particular meeting changes were made in the BOG also. This practice invited serious protest from the State Government of West Bengal and the IIM Management.

In pursuance of the overall policy of giving autonomy to these institutions and for respecting MOA & Rules, the Government of India is now fully committed. In fulfillment of this commitment, the above nominations are being made after due consultation with the State Government of West Bengal.

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