Toll Booth/Plaza Information for Salasar

Salasar ( BOT (Toll) )

Km 23.950 - NH-11 in Rajasthan
Stretch :
Bikaner to Phalodi
Tollable Length : Km 4.200 to Km 55.250 Km(s) Fee Effective Date : 03-Jun-2024  /  Due date of toll revision : 31-Mar-2025

Toll Rate

Type of vehicleSingle JourneyReturn Journey Monthly Pass Commercial Vehicle Registered within the district of plaza
Bus/Truck255.00 380.008445.00125.00
Upto 3 Axle Vehicle275.00 415.009215.00140
4 to 6 Axle 395.00 595.0013245.00200.00
HCM/EME395.00 595.0013245.00200.00
7 or more Axle 485.00 725.0016125.00240.00

Toll Plaza Details

Date of fee notification27-Mar-2019 (Sr No. - S.O.801(E))
Commercial Operation Date20-Feb-2019
Fee Rule2008
Capital Cost of Project (in Rs. Cr.)844.00
Cumulative Toll Revenue (in Rs. Cr.) 24267433.00 (For Entire Project Stretch) As on :31-Mar-2019
Concessions Period26
Design Capacity (PCU) 60000
Traffic (PCU/day) 3960 As on : 31-Mar-2019
Target Traffic (PCU/day) 14415 As on : 01-Apr-2024
Name of Concessionaire / OMT Contractor Ircon PB Tollway Limited
Name / Contact Details of Incharge Sh. Pravin Kumar / 9284002491

Important Information about the Toll booth

Helpline No. : Crane-9284002493, Ambulance -9284002497, Route Patrol-9284002495
Emergency Services : 18001806618
Nearest Police Station: Nal / 01512886725
Highway Administrator (Project Director): Sh. Piyush Ranjan Yaduvanshi / 8130006153
Project Implementation Unit(PIU)PIU Bikaner
Regional Office(RO)RO Jaipur
Representative of ConsultantCEG Bikaner
Representative of Concessionaire: Sh. Pardeep Kumar / 8384981400
Nearest Hospital(s): Nal 8696536315


(1) Single Return Journey
(2) Commercial Vehicle registered with Bikaner distrct not having National Permit 
(3) Monthly Pass for non commercial vehicle residing with in 20 Km 
(4) Monthly pass of 50 journey.
The rates for monthly pass applicable for local personal vehicle shall be Rs. 330/- for the year 2023-24.

Facilities available near Toll Plaza

Rest Areas : 1
Truck Lay byes : 2
Static Weigh Bridge : 2