Toll Booth/Plaza Information for Navasari

Navasari ( Public Funded )

at Km. 232.385 - NH-114A in Bihar
Stretch :
User fee collection at Toll Plaza 0vasari (Km 232.385) near village 0vasari in Dist. Giridih for the stretch from Km. 216 to Km. 244.482 of NH114A in the state of Jharkhand
Tollable Length : 28.482 Km(s) Fee Effective Date : 03-Apr-2023  /  Due date of toll revision : 02-Apr-2024

Toll Rate

Type of vehicleSingle JourneyReturn Journey Monthly Pass Commercial Vehicle Registered within the district of plaza
Bus/Truck75.00 115.002530.0040.00
Upto 3 Axle Vehicle85.00 125.002760.0040
4 to 6 Axle 120.00 180.003970.0060.00
HCM/EME120.00 180.003970.0060.00
7 or more Axle 145.00 220.004835.0075.00

Toll Plaza Details

Date of fee notification03-May-2019 (Sr No. - 1685(E))
Commercial Operation Date07-Sep-2019
Fee Rule2008 as amended
Capital Cost of Project (in Rs. Cr.)NA
Cumulative Toll Revenue (in Rs. Cr.) 246.88 (For Entire Project Stretch) As on :02-Jul-2021
Concessions Period24.03.2022-24.06.2022
Design Capacity (PCU) NA
Traffic (PCU/day) NA As on : 02-Jul-2021
Target Traffic (PCU/day) NA As on : 02-Jul-2021
Name of Concessionaire / OMT Contractor Anil Kumar Shukla
Name / Contact Details of Incharge Ravi Gautam / 9634832999

Important Information about the Toll booth

Helpline No. : Crane-0, Ambulance -0, Route Patrol-0
Emergency Services : 0
Nearest Police Station: 0 / 0
Highway Administrator (Project Director): Sh. R.K. Verma / 9453781166
Project Implementation Unit(PIU)PIU Dhanbad
Regional Office(RO)RO Ranchi
Representative of ConsultantNA
Representative of Concessionaire: 0 / 0
Nearest Hospital(s): 0