Toll Booth/Plaza Information for Palempalli

Palempalli ( BOT (Toll) )

Km 168.300 - NH-40 in Andhra Pradesh
Stretch :
Kadapa - Kurnool(Km 167.750 - km 356.502)
Tollable Length : Km 28.50 Km(s) Fee Effective Date : 01-Apr-2019  /  Due date of toll revision : 31-Mar-2020

Toll Rate

Type of vehicleSingle JourneyReturn Journey Monthly Pass Commercial Vehicle Registered within the district of plaza
Bus/Truck110.00 165.003710.00NA
Upto 3 Axle Vehicle175.00 260.005820.00NA
4 to 6 Axle 175.00 260.005820.00NA
HCM/EME175.00 260.005820.00NA
7 or more Axle 210.00 320.007080.00NA

Toll Plaza Details

Date of fee notification30-Dec-2015 (Sr No. - 1388(E))
Commercial Operation Date11-Jan-2016
Fee Rule2008
Capital Cost of Project (in Rs. Cr.)NA
Cumulative Toll Revenue (in Rs. Cr.) 16.17 (For Entire Project Stretch) As on :31-Dec-2016
Concessions Period15.11.2010-14.11.2040
Design Capacity (PCU) NA
Traffic (PCU/day) 20261 As on : 05-Mar-2017
Target Traffic (PCU/day) 6172 As on : 29-Jan-2016
Name of Concessionaire / OMT Contractor M/s KMC Construction Limited & IVRCL infrastructure Limited
Name / Contact Details of Incharge Major G.V. Ramachandra Reddy / 7331167902

Important Information about the Toll booth

Helpline No. : Crane-9100079985, Ambulance -91000799859515151356, Route Patrol-9100079985
Emergency Services : 9100079985
Nearest Police Station: Chennur / 94407 96910, 08562-235133
Highway Administrator (Project Director): D. Chandra Sekher Reddy / 08514-225089
Project Implementation Unit(PIU)PIU Nandyal
Regional Office(RO)RO Vijaywada
Representative of ConsultantMr Durga prasad
Representative of Concessionaire: Major G.V. Ramachandra Reddy / 0
Nearest Hospital(s): Chennur